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best way to securely wipe 120 GB SATA HDD connected via USB 2.0 docking station

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  • Started 4 years ago by nharp0386
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What would be the best utility to use to securely wipe a 120 GB SATA HDD that's connected via USB 2.0 docking station? Because of the USB setup, many of the popular utilities, such as HDDErase, are out of the question. I know of a few that will work, but I have some concerns about them from what I've read.

CCleaner: Can't wipe entire drive (only partitions). Can't securely delete files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin (though is this even an issue with a drive wipe?).

KillDisk: Some have reported their drive becoming entirely inoperable after using this utility.

Eraser: Can leave behind filenames.

DBAN: Conflicting reports on whether or not it can wipe a USB drive, but in either case, it wipes all drives it recognizes, so I would need to disconnect my internal HDD first, which I don't want to be bothered to do with my brand new laptop (please don't suggest doing this).

I want something that can securely wipe everything from the drive so that absolutely nothing can be recovered (outside of possibly in a forensic setting). I want to be able to wipe the entire drive (including unallocated space), not just individual partitions. I would prefer a Windows-based utility to a bootable one, but either will work.

What do you suggest?

Also, about how long would each wiping method (1 pass, 3 passes, 7 passes, 35 passes) take with a 4 GB processor, given the size of my drive (120 GB; nearly full) and the setup (external USB 2.0 docking station)?


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