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Backup/Restore with Windows 7

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I decided that it was time to have a fresh install of my C: Drive after a few windows upgrades. I therefore created an image backup with Windows 7 and stored this on a different drive. I also did a normal backup of my libraries and also stored this on a different drive.

After formatting and installing a fresh version of Windows 7, i now am unable to restore from either of these backups. I can see both of them on my D: Drive, but the normal backup now shows as 0 bytes (where before i re-installed i could open this up and access the backed up files), and the image backup i can also see the folder structure with loads of xml files (that when i run, just show some kind of page cannot be displayed in my browser) along with a massive 90 odd gig VHD file. Again i cannot do anything with this and my backup does not seem to be there :-(

When i try to open my normal backup, it asks me if i want to restore. When i say yes, it searches for a "backup device" and then shows nothing!

If i access Windows Backup/Restore, it says there are no backups.

The problem is that i have lost a LOT of very important data, and one would expect that by doing 2 backups, and checking they have both worked, would be sufficient.

I take it now that there was some sort of system file stored on my C: Drive when i did the backups that told the backup program where my backups where stored?? If this is the case, what is the point of backing up to a different location?

Am i missing something here?

Am i panicking, and there is actually a very complicated way of me restoring these backups, that i am missing?

I would be very grateful of any help on this, even if i can get my VHD file to launch so that i can put my system back to previously, at least then i can not bother with a backup and just "copy" all my stuff to an external drive

Thanks in advance


Posted 7 years ago
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Here is what the book says with some updates I made:

Insert the installation disc or system repair disc.

Restart your computer using the computer's power button.

When the splash screen comes on, keep tapping the Function key that gets you into the Boot Sequence - the screen should say which key

Set the CD ROM as first boot device (with the up/down keys) and hit Enter

If prompted, press any key to start the computer from the installation disc or system repair disc.

Choose your language settings, and then click Next.

Click Repair your computer.

This step only applies if you are using a Windows installation disc.

Select a recovery option, and then click Next.

Posted 7 years ago
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Thank god for that :-)

I just remember someone telling me that i would be able to also search the contents of the image with Windows 7, but i guess i must have selected the wrong type of backup in the first place, so it must only be accessible as a full system restore. That will do me as long as i can get back to where i was, as i have loads of stuff on there that i just cannot afford to lose, well i can, but it would make life much tougher! :-)

Thanks for your help with this


Posted 7 years ago
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Why not choose 3rd free backup software to backup/restore windows 7? EASEUS Todo Backup is a new one in this filed, it is compatible with the latest Windows 7, I like it with detailed instruction wizards.

Posted 7 years ago

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