Windows Vista setup refuses to boot up due to a corrupt registry. I have tried it all (Dell Diagnostics, Windows Recovery Console [Starup Fixer and System Restor], UltimateBootCD) and nothing is helping me boot up.

So I resorted to my Ubuntu 8.04 Live CD to get on and surf for answers. It's been days now and I have pretty much decided to backup my data from the Ubuntu LiveCD and do a clean sweep installation thereafter. So, I am now awaiting an external hard drive I ordered to get here to achieve this task.

I know where I can find most of my data to back up in the usual places...User folder, My Desktop, root C:, IE Favorites. What I don't know though is how do I find and backup the following:

1) Firefox bookmarks and extensions/themes or at least a list so I can find them later
2) Opera bookmarks
3) Outlook messages

That is all I need to find now in order to get the process started. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Posted 8 years ago