I downloaded and installed these two PUP's today as a removal exercise which appeared to be successful. The removal procedure is the same for all browsers (IE, Chrome and Firefox). It is notable that Comodo's Ice Dragon (Firefox version) and Dragon (Chrome version) resisted installation by these two annoyances...I downloaded and installed via Dragon. I don't see why this shouldn't work for XP or Vista as well.

1. Download and install RevoUninstaller

2. Download AdwCleaner This one doesn't install and runs on demand.

3.Open Revo > Click on Funmoods or Babylon > Click Uninstall > Yes > Advanced Mode > Yes > Let program's uninstaller run > Next (Click off browsers if they open) > Let Revo search and select/delete all it finds. > Finish. Repeat this procedure for any other instance of Funmoods or Babylon in the Revo Programs window...I had two Babylons (Search and the toolbar).

4. Open Adwcleaner > Click Search > A logfile will appear which you can save > Click Delete in Program window > Accept all that follows and it will reboot > On restart a logfile is generated detailing what has been removed > Run the program again and check all browser files are clean > repeat if not.

5. It depends on your browsers what there is left to do to restore it to your desired state. It will likely wipe all Chrome's preferences completely and you will need to start again. I noticed in Chrome that Funmoods is still listed in Settings > Search (for searching in the address bar) > but if you click on Manage Search Engines there you can select the default. If You do use the address bar to search and funmoods comes back you will have to help remove it from the registry directly. To do this click Start > Type and click: regedit > Navigate to HkeyCurrentUser > Software > Funmoods. Right-click on Funmoods entry and delete it > Close Regedit. You should be able to delete the Funmoods entry in the Manage Search Engines box by hovering over it and clicking the 'X'...make sure it's not default or the x won't appear. If you don't use the address bar to search don't worry about this step, which requires great care, and forget it. Backup the registry if you are unsure.


Posted 4 years ago