Hello everyone,

I need to auto mount my 3rd IDE drive in vmware to my root file system and have it automatically load at boot. I assume there might be more than one way to do this but the way i an most comfortable with is altering "fstab". If anyone could give me a heads up that would be awesome... Just one more question.. in the fstab file i see that there is a device called "/dev/cdrom0, /dev/cdrom1, /dev/cdrom2" which I am assuming stands for the IDE devices, so in this case, i want to auto mount "cdrom2" BUT, I have been told that the IDE devices go by the name "/dev/hda , /dev/hdv . /dev/hdc" So really, my question is, are my IDE devices notated by number like "/dev/cdrom0" or by letter like "/dev/hdc"

Again guys, any insight on this would be a huge help. Thank you very much.

Posted 4 years ago