Hello all,
For those who are familiar with Microsoft’s new Image backup and restore solution that comes with Vista and Windows 7, AKA “wbadmin” via command prompt. I would like to automate a full system image restore with a single click. I am attempting to assist blind individuals in an effortless and fully independent solution to recover there Windows 7 computer without sited help. I have done my share of reading on Windows Recovery Environment and Windows PE, but none of these will support the use of screen readers (like JAWS for Windows) to assist a blind individuals outside of the windows environment. Microsoft locked down the command: WBADMIN START SYSRECOVERY and limited it to only running in the RE elevated command prompt, not directly inside Windows. My question is, can I run the WBADMIN START SYSRECOVERY with the appropriate parameters in a script or batch file before Windows boots allowing full automation with the –quiet parameter thus allowing someone who is completely blind the ability to re-install an image on there Windows 7 machine?
Thank you for your time.

Posted 7 years ago