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Auto inputting copied information and submitting into other websites

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  • Started 5 years ago by ShooterD
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My dad is not familiar with computers at all. I put bookmarks on his desktop for all his favorite places. He can click those and get those places, and little else. And finding keys and inputting text is very hard and tedious for him. He thinks I am a pc wizard by my little knowledge, which I am nowhere near. I asked him what I could do to make working with the computer easier for him and his work. He is in real estate; he opens up the bookmarked real estate listing page, and wants me to automate the process of taking an address from that page, and having that information automatically input into Google maps page where it shows the picture of the property, and then from there, have the address input into our local county appraisal district site area where it brings up the property's information on that site. He has such trouble typing and opening up multiple pages, that this process, for him, is causing him much stress and many troubles. I want to make his life easier, but I have no programming skills and do not know the first place to start. My thoughts are that there has to be a program, software, or way I can set it up where once he highlights and copies the property address from the original site, it can be transferred, transported, jumped or told to put that information into the Google maps search bar, and have it enter there. Then he could copy the same property address from there and by the same process shoot it over to the appraisal site address search bar and submit it there. So I guess I am looking for a way to have copied information, jump to another website and inputted into an area and submitted , and then repeated at another site. Any help in leading me into the right direction, or detailed instruction, or advice would be greatly appreciated. I really want to help my dad out, and show him I can do this for him. I thought this would be a great place to ask.

Posted 5 years ago
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If your dad has mastered the art of selecting and copying the information, it is but a slightly larger step to move into pasting the text on a new website.

1. Copy selected information from real estate site
2. Switch to tab containing Google Maps
3. Click in search bar (Cursor should already be in search bar)
4. Press Ctrl-V to paste information from clipboard (Or right-click mouse in search box and select Paste.
5. Switch to tab containing Appraisal Site.
6. Click in search bar.
7. Press Ctrl-V to paste information from clipboard (Or right-click mouse in search box and select Paste.

Hope this helps. I didn't explain how to open multiple tabs in a browser, since you did not say which browser he is using.

Posted 5 years ago

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