Since the debugging mode not been turn on so I can't fix it through the Adb shell..
even I also forgot to turn on the wifi before this bad thing happen.

second thing that I try to do is do the hard reset.
Press Volume both + power key = boot loader will appear as no USB connected. then if I connect the USB with pc its will show up a android robot wearing safety helmet and bottom of the Icon it appear word like this "ready to download" oh ya before i forgetting if don't have the usb driver install into the pc it will automatically will install the driver know as"android computer driver or something similar to it"

Third thing
If I press the volume key - along together with the power key it will enter the safe mode.

4th thing I did try is try method which acquire us to write down our gmail acc and write down the password as 'null'

Somebody please help me out.. its been 3 day the table locked since I write down this topic.

Posted 6 years ago