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Array Continualy crashes

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  • Started 7 years ago by garthmasters
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Dell xps studio 435 Emt model OR849J. Ver A00. Bios 1.13. Intel (r)Core(TM)i7CPU 920@ 2.67 GHZ Memory 8.14 MB.Operating system windows 7 ultimate upgrade from windows vista ultimate. Intel (R)ICH8R/ICH9(R)ICH10(R) DO SATA RAID Controller. It seems to crash when I am on the internet. Blue screen. says a clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within allocated time interval. check BIOS memory caching or shadowing. Dell installed a new second drive, didn't solve it. I downloaded a new copy of mcafee they say it is compatible with windows 7. The array says both drives failed but I recover drive 0 and it works fine with mirror drive 1 left degraded. If I rebuid drive 1 the computer crawls and that doesn't seem to fix the problem. Its been going on since it was new I was hoping windows 7 would fix it. Acrobat 9, ACD 3, Microsoft small business, roxio creator 2010 pro, sonicpro 5 and the ultimate trouble shooter programs installed.

Thank You for your time,

Garth Masters
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Posted 7 years ago
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I have had similar problems. In windows 7 (which i like) we have what I call the blue wall of death, without the wall. I think alot of it has to do with ram. In xp if you've got too much going on, but have enough memory, it will simply run very slow. I have 514 mg of ram (not sure if the "mg" is the correct word. Not much though. Now here could be part of your problem though. I've been using firefox. The few times I used Internet exlorer (the one that comes with "7"), I had problems. Things got real slow and tended to try to tell you what to do. I've got a dell inspiron laptop right now.

Posted 7 years ago
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Well, for comparisons to both of you, I match Garth's configuration other than I'm not running RAID.

System :

Dell xps studio 435 T
Bios A13
Intel (r)Core(TM)i7CPU 920@ 2.67 GHZ
Memory 8GB's (I'm sure Garth meant GB instead of MB)
Operating system windows 7 Home Premium upgraded from Vista Home Prem., 64 bit.
McAfee ISS package installed (on Vista) by Dell and running without problems.

clif1982, if you are really running Win7 with only 512MB's of RAM, you WILL be slow, it should have 2GB's or more.

Garth, why did Dell replace a drive if you get the error from using the Internet? I'd think the problem would be in the Internet h/w or drivers myself?

Raid WILL report errors from improper shutdowns, and that is what BSOD's are.

There are some things you could try. Revert from RAID to normal SATA configuration and see what happens. That would rule out RAID if it still fails. More work for you but I would hope you have backup capability to easily do this. Since you appear to be running RAID1, I'd disconnect the second drive and see if it will boot 'normally' after you turn RAID off. Have a BACKUP just in case. If it doesn't, setup non-RAID operation and then restore a backup and it should work? If not, you'd have to re-install the OS, but I wouldn't think this is necessary. I had RAID0 on my old computer and one drive died, total loss. Just took out the bad drive, installed the OS, and then restored a backup and everything was working even though not RAID configured anymore.

Another less risky option would be to boot into SAFE MODE with INTERNET and see if it BSOD's? Hopefully it still will.

Can you post the full BSOD data? What I do is get out my digital camera and take a picture. I can then post it somewhere or send it to Dell when it happens. Easy to transcribe to forums as I can read the picture any time later.

Irv S.

Posted 7 years ago

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