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Anyone with X-FI Series: Will get very little Support from Creative Labs!

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Paul, well it's a shame if all of the creative software, the driver and the extras, don't work in Windows 7. Hopefully, they will get it all fixed before the GA date.

I don't understand what the problem is with dllhost.exe. I have two instances running here on this machine in Win7, but only one on another machine also running Win7. In XP, I see no instances of dllhost.exe at all. When I look at the Resource Manager in Win7 I occasionally see processes that are "Terminated" but eventually they disappear. What does it all mean?

I have XP Mode Beta running here under Windows 7 but haven't found a good test for it's capabilities. Now I wish that I had an X-Fi card to test it with! See ya.

Posted 7 years ago
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I have an X-Fi card, was orginally on a Windows XP Media Edition PC, however I upgraded and took the card with it, and it works in Vista, however I found various problems, only running in 32bit, no controll panel, only can configure via Windows Sound options and it will occasionally just lose and gain volume (Though I hear this is a problem with the card itself)

Posted 7 years ago
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Hi Scottw,

To understand the "dillhost.exe", from XP to Win7? - Dillhost Process; It is known by Microsoft,
as the DCOM DLL Host Process!

dllhost.exe is a process belonging to Microsoft Windows Operating System. The dllhost.exe file manages DLL based applications and with a lage family of over dill files associated with it!

So in my case to get the X-FI, with the Control Panel and all the configurations from it? - I would
need most of the other (Dill.exe) from within Win7, in order to set right applications,
for the Modules to work right!

As I have stated before, there was no problem of getting all applications and configurations for the
X-FI, in XP! - As it, had all Dillhost Process Family files.

By the way, Microsoft knows about this Issue!

And also, all of most applications and Modules; Which is for Graphic Cards and Sound Cards,

need DRIVERS? - That are Supported by the dllhost.exe, in order as required for essential

applications to work properly!

The X- FI Sound Card, will work fantastic in XP, but sadly to say there are problems for it in Vista

and Win7.

Posted 7 years ago
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Hi all,

Just a note to let you know about this Issue regarding Dillhost Process; It is known by Microsoft, as the

DCOM DLL Host Process!

My Brother is: Certified Microsoft PC Technician and he as direct access to contact Microsoft directed.

So, I have asked him, to find out why (From the (Task Manager) it only shows two up and
running! - And from their Resource Monitor; you will notice that two more dllhost.exe, are showing
Terminated). - In Windows 7RC.

I will do Post a note here for you all to see, what they have to say, when I get the info' from my


And you will be glad to know, that I Finley got to send an email to Creative Labs Tech Support,

about the issue of the X-FI.

When I receive their email, I will also Post a note here to what they say!

Happy Computing all,

Paul Lucas

Posted 7 years ago
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It seems quite a few now are having problems with their Sound Cards and on board Sound from their Motherboard? In Windows 7RC.

I have a X-FI Platinum, which at this point, it is not worth putting in, as I now have received a email from Creative Technical Support Services:

"Thank you for writing in to Creative Technical

Support Services;
we appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

As regard to your request, what we can assist you is to feedback the
information to the relevant development department. As such it will be
up to the development team to determine if this is within the player

Please be informed that the current Windows 7 driver is in Beta stage
and there is no technical support for this driver yet.

Therefore it is not guaranteed that all features are going to be available in Beta
Customers are advised to just wait for the full version to release. When full version becomes available, user
should install the
latest Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver available.

We appreciate your interest and when Creative do announce the latest driver/application updates, we typically will include the information on our website. We encourage you to look at that
resource for product information.

Please retain all the previous correspondence

when replying to this

Best Regards,

Xiao Li
Creative Customer Support Services
Creative Labs Europe".

So at this point I use my on Board Sound. Which is the (SoundMax), with Vista drivers, from the Asus site? - The driver for the sound works ok! ... However, as for any other functions of the Modules in the set up, does not work.

This is due to the fact of the Dill Files, that are missing in Win7 Rc, at the moment!

Dllhost . exe is a process belonging to Microsoft Windows Operating System. The dllhost.exe file
manages DLL based applications, as required for essential applications to work properly!

I am still waiting to hear from Microsoft about this issue of the lack of Dill Files in win7 and

when I receive any info' from them. I will share it with you!

Posted 7 years ago

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