Hi folks I hope you can help me out!

Right this as had me pulling my hair out for a few weeks now. The network managment team are fobing me off with the following excused.

Currupt email in backup so backup was looping and eating all resources.
Backup overrun and slowing system down.
Transport services needed to be restarted.
Electric Rain on the adsl modems causing drop outs.
Needed to update firmware.

The company.

One building in poole with the following offices.

Brain Injury

An office in Southampton
An office in milbrook
An office in chichester
an office in Luton.

Head office in poole is connected to the ad/mail server with a direct link to the server room.

Recruitment and medical/brain in poole use a tunnel over ADSL into the server room (Same building)

All other sites use ADSL tunnels to connect to the poole office and be part of the company network.

The Issue

The companies email system is horrendis! Not a day goes by without myself recieving at least 10 calls from users saying their emails are not working.

They all have BB or Smart phones with exhange set up with push mail on them. They recieve the emails on the phones ok. But it can take hrs for them to appear in out look. Some users have not recieved mail at all on their pcs after days.

Attachments are a big issue. they are a recruitment agancy and send and recieve cvs and time sheets every day. All that seems to be happening is in out look the "Connecting to Exhcange Server" and "Updating Folders" are constantly in the status bar.

If it starts to download a msg it can take ages. today one user had a 4.69mb attachment and outlook said it would take 4hrs to download the file.

95% of the time outlook gives up and stops downloading the emails and either says up to date, or "Connection to exchange as failed"

There is no issues with exchanger server acording to the server support team.

I have tried.

Rebooting server
Rebooting Switch
Rebooting Routers (All Sites)
Restarting Transport streams.
Recreating users profile
using owa

Non of these options are working and we are getting nowhere fast. I have run out of reasons to tell people why its not working. Personally I believe the internet is not upto it, or there is a fault within the network infrustrucre and possible faulty cable somewhere or hardware. This is happening across the company every day without fail. APART FROM BRAIN IN SOUTHAMPTON!! They use a RDC connection to a 2nd server in poole and do all of their work on the remote desktop. They do not have any issues as they are connected to the same switch as the AD/Exchange server.

But to do this I nees to rip the entire network apart!
any other sugestions?

Posted 4 years ago