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amd dual graphics problem !

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  • Started 4 years ago by simlol12
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hello all , i am having annoying problem here first of all my laptop spec's :

cpu : AMD A6-3410MX APU at 1.6ghz with radeon HD 6520G dual graphics

discrete GPU : AMD RADEON HD 6750M ( note this GPU is waaaay stronger and better than 6520G )

RAM : 6GB ( 5.48 because of APU graphics )

700gb HD space

now my problem is , when i play full screen games , like world of warcraft , aion , diablo3 etc , i sometimes open AMD system monitor to see how my GPU's behave , and i noticed that the APU graphics card is the one that is doing all the job while the discrete GPU is on 0% usage , which sets my mind on fire , i mean i want my laptop to use the strong GPU not the lame one , the discrete GPU has 1gb dedicated ram and 900~mhz clock speed , while APU one is only 400mhz and 512mb taken from ram aswell , i tried with enabling/disabling crossfire but doesn't work and if you ask me AMD catalyst SUCKS crashs allot , updating it makes errors , BSD'S and shitload of BS

anyway my point is , can any of you guys help me with this? i want my laptop to use the discrete GPU not APU one , i am getting shitty FPS ingames because of this and i dont want CPU to get all load on it

thank's in advance and sorry if there is any grammatical errors

Posted 4 years ago
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I have a similar set up. The 6520G and the 6650M. I think there is a lot of confusion about the dual graphics. Personally I just let it run. Not sure which is running, but I haven't had any real problems yet. I am not a gamer though and I am on a laptop. I do play Left 4 Dead 2 and Left 4 Dead 1 at pretty much maxed out settings, though I don't think those games are very demanding graphically, so maybe the integrated card is running the show. I don't think the dual graphics solution is well thought out though. It would be nice to have a switch so the user could decide which GPU he/she wants to run. I think the dedicated card only kicks in if it is needed.

Posted 4 years ago
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I know, it is not Nvidia, but perhaps you are able to get a solution by reading this article: Perhaps you can also choose your default graphics etc...

Posted 4 years ago

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