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Aloha All,,, Trouble on da "Rock", Windows Vista, Missing Dll's, and ? Reinstall

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  • Started 4 years ago by BigWheelHawaii
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New Forum Member, Long Time Supporter of How to Geek..
I hope this is OK to post, and in the right spot... If not,,,
just delete... Aloha,,, Big

Having a lot of trouble:

After I deleted a Free AVG Anti-Virus Program,
and then tried to install a purchased Bitdefender
program... (Bitdefender Anti-Virus 2013)

I think this is how the problem started:

After I uninstalled AVG Free, and installed
Bitdefender... Missing Dll files, and some
exe. files corrupted...

I kept getting this flag,,, or Error Message,,,
after I installed Bitdefender...



Now there also seems a reluctance for the computer
to start or execute some programs... Now either
Bitdefender,, or I have corrupted the system...

I think this Vista system now needs to be re-installed,
maybe a complete clean installation of Vista.... By the
way I could not fine any support from Bitdefender,,,
none,,, zero,,,zip....

Before the removal of AVG Free Anti-Virus,,, I use'd this
computer and the Free AVG Anti-Virus program for 3
years, not one virus, not one problem with the system or
the AVG program... The system, both the Vista OP system,
and the Computer,,, worked just great for three years...
Not one problem,,, and I mean,,, not one...

Either "Bitdefender",,, or my removal of the AVG program,
with my Revo Uninstaller Program,,, and trying to install the
Bitdefender program started this mess... Or I did something
to screwed this computer up, big time... FUBAR,,, I think... Now

I can't get either Bitdefender or AVG to load, so I have no anti
virus now... I have un-installed, and re-loaded both programs ten
different times...

I been working on it for a couple of days... That's not
good, as I push buttons first, and cry later.. Now I
might have the system completely FUBAR...

The computer is still is working... and does almost all
I want to do.. But, it's missing some files, others are
corrupt, some service pak's missing, some dll files,
"FUBAR", and the same with some exe files,,,

I have the following Computer, and Operating System...

Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium...

I am sure if this is a 64 Bit system, is that correct ???
My guess is,,, it's a 64 Bit System, but it must be
running some 32 Bit programs ?????? INFO Below:

The computer is working fine right now, and I have a
ton of Info on the computer, that I want to save...
I want to move all the INFO to an "External Hard-Drive",
first... Then do a clean install... Or Make a

I think I want to make a "clean" install of Vista,
but I don't think I ever got the "Install Disk's"
or I have lost them... Maybe I will buy a new
"Operating System" on E-Bay,,, a new Vista System,
in an un-opened box...

I think this is a 64 Bit version of Vista that I
have, and will try to buy a "Reload" disk, or a
repair disk... Is this a good move ???


Dell Inspiron 545
Processor: Intel ® Core ™ 2 Quad
CPU Q8200 @ 2.33 GHz 2.33 GHz
Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB
System Type 64-Bit Operating System

OS Name---Microsoft Window Vista Home Premium
Version---6.0.6002 Serivice Pack 3 Build 6002

Motherboard: Dell Inc. | | 0N826N
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU
Q8200 @ 2.33GHz | Socket 775 | 2331/333mhz

I think I can get a new Windows 8 System cheaper
than, the old Vista system... I Think,,, but I
want to stay on Vista for the time being...

Any Ideas on repairs, or a "Clean Install of either
Vista or Windows *8...

Aloha, and a big "Mahalo" for your time and


Posted 4 years ago
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Do you have a recovery partition ?

If the system still starts fine then open a cmd prompt as Admin and type sfc /scannow

Let it run and see if it was able to repair any files.

Hi by the way and Welcome :)

Posted 4 years ago
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Follow this post until you get to the point where the command prompt is opened. At that point, instead of opening the command prompt, go to "System Restore" and try to restore your system to a point before you removed AVG.

(You can also backup your important files first if you want.)

Posted 4 years ago
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Aloha,,, Should I Just Up Grade,,, Or Keep Vista,,, ???

First,,, a big "Aloha" and "Mahalo" for your time and effort...
All of you are "Top Bananas" in my "bunch",,,

I just went to ? "System Restore" and what I found, was
what I was afraid of... That the "earliest" Restore Point I
found, is after the date that the trouble started... I am
checking again now... You,,, See,,, I have "Un-Installed" a
lot of programs, service pak's, browsers and anything
else I could think of..... Then re-installed them...
Even,,, "Un-Installed",,, "Current Girl-Friend",,,
but haven't "re-installed" that little program yet...

I Just Never Had Trouble,,, With This Compute,,,

It has been a great computer and system...
I don't use it for e-mail, I use Hot Mail or
Yahoo... Mainly,,, I use it to browse the
web, airplanes, race cars, Netfix, YouTube,
and on line news videos... Big Netflix user,
and that is still in working,,, thank God and

This computer, and the Vista Operating System, with
the AVG Anti Virus System installed, have bee great...
I got "cocky",,, and once and a while,,, I think I am
"Half Smart",,, a very dangerous combination.. I really
know very little about computers, except pushing buttons...
Usually I just keep pushing buttons, until the computer
starts working,,, and that usually works for me, but
I really understand,,, NOTHING...

I am in the process of "backing up" the files I want
to keep, on an External Hard Drive, but now I need
another one, as I filled this one up... Have another
one coming, should be here tomorrow... ...

I guess the main question is,,, do I re-install
Vista, or do I up grade to Window 8, a system, I know
nothing about... I want to keep Vista for now, but I will
need, Vista Re-Install Disks, as I have either lost them,
(move, different Island, Main Land Now)... Or I never
got them in the first place... Not Sure... I have been on E-
Bay looking, but not sure what I need... Restore Disks,
or full new operating system...

Any,,, suggestions ??? I will not touch this system,,,
until I back it up,,, or really save the info I want
to save...

Thanks,,, again for your help, time, and effort...
Look's like "Spell Check" has gone "south", not

Posted 4 years ago
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Reinstalling is a good choice. You may have a recovery partition that will restore your computer to the default factory settings. This depends on make and model of your computer.

For a clean reinstall with official Windows Vista media: Look at the sticker with the product key that should be attached to your computer (the COA or Certificate of Authenticity). It should indicate which version of Windows Vista you are running.

You can download the official Windows Vista setup files from here (instructions included):

Only Windows Vista Ultimate (x86 and x64) is available, and only in English, French and German (I would always recommend choosing English anyways, even if you speak German). To be able to install a non-Ultimate version, you will need to create a bootable USB instead of a DVD (link on how to do that in the same webpage). Once the Windows Vista Install USB is created, delete the two lines near the bottom of the \Sources\Inf\SETUP.CFG file in the USB. They look like this:


More info about this all-versions trick:

Use your product key to install Windows Vista. If you have any doubts just ask.

Posted 4 years ago
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Aloha,,, GuiltySpark and Ruja

I tried that sfc /scannow,,, a couple of days ago,,,
oh "Bruddah",,, that make compute smoke like
Hawaian BBQ,,, plenty smoke,,, Bruddah,,, plenty..

Right now I am going to finish saving pictures, file,
bookmarks, files,,, and all the other crap I save...

Then I will start with a re-install of a new operating
system, like GuiltySpark suggested,,, I think... I may
try the sfc /scannow again... I just think I have
corrupted so many files, and corrupted so many
programs, that now a clean start might be best in
the long run...

Is there a good program to save the "Registry"
, not for now, but for later... See I think with the
Revo Un-Istaller Program I used,,, that it deletes
so deep into the Registry,,, that I have corrupted my
computer... I always answer yes,,, "Delete Them All",,,
now I think I am paying the price... That and the
hidden files of AVG, and the hidden files of
Biddefenter fought each other, went to war,,, and
my computer ended up as Collateral Damage...

"Not My Fault,,, Braddah,,,
Me just push many buttons,,, lots of them,,,

Aloha All,,, Until Later...

You folks have really helped me,,, I will finish saving all the junk,
then start again... Computer,,, Work'ie OK for now,,,me thinks...


Posted 4 years ago
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If the computer is that bad then re-install is the best option, the reg is done for, start a fresh your computer will run like a dream :)

Posted 4 years ago
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@BigWheelHawaii: Please make your posts clear and succinct. There is no extra credit for the extraneous BS. Most of us here are serious about helping, please take it seriously also. You have been warned.

Posted 4 years ago

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