Ok so heres the deal. Im building a site for a friend and they are requesting some things I am not very familiar with. I do have some dreamweaver 4 experience and Flash, however this will most likely require PHP and Sql knowledge. Heres the layout:

The guy is a blogger. He blogs about various topics. When he posts a blog, I would like to have a radio button signifying what category to 'archive' it under. Also, once 7 appear on the main page, I would like them to auto archive once the 8th blog post has been submitted, then repeat every 8th. Make sense sofar?

Ok, also, each category will have a link attached to it to pull all the ones categorized by the blogger to be from that topic. This will obviously require the database functionality.

He wants people to have to login to the site to comment on the posts. No access to commenting if not registered; I suggested a php type verification, where it sends a password autogenerated, or a link to which will verify your email is valid.

Facebook posts and twitter updates update directly to this website via a widget?

google adwords & paypal will be involved in the creation as well. If anyone is feeling 'cody' let me know, and hopefully you can help me tackle this! Otherwise, write the code and I will arrange payment for your time :) Thanks a million guys!

Posted 4 years ago