Hi, Tried out Windows 7 and must say that it uses much less system resources than Vista which makes your hardware perform better. I did an upgrade on my Acer 6920G Vista notebook and everything seemed to work perfectly afterwards (Drivers and programs) APART from the built in Acer Empowerment Technology - Frameworklauncher. This very useful Acer backup / restore utility did not working in Windows 7, and also WarcraftIII (Frozenthrone III) would not run. Even after re-installation of the game. Apart from those 2, everything else looked fine.
After receiving very poor feedback from Acer, I am willing to find out why this usefull utility is not working anymore. Very surprised as everything else worked.

Any ideas??? I would love to switch to windows 7 in the future, but I have to resolve both above mentioned issues.

Keep up the good work! Any ideas....WELCOME!

Posted 8 years ago