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$3775 Enthusiast PC

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  • Started 4 years ago by castle2145
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Good day, gentleman. I am here on Romania with 14000 lei in hand (that’s $3775) and wish to build a powerful gaming PC that would run at 60 fps any modern game. I also want it to be as reliable as possible within the given budget, as I intend to leave it running 17 hours a day. Romanian prices are higher than those in the US. Here's my setup:

Case - Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 VN300M1W2N (755 lei)

PSU - Corsair Gaming Series CMPSU-600G (330 lei)

Motherboard - Gigabyte Z77-D3H (508 lei)

CPU - Intel Core i7 3770K (1325 lei)

RAM – 2 X Corsair DOMINATOR Platinum Series 16 GB (so there are 32 GB, 1458 lei)

System Drive - SSD Intel 520 Series 240 GB SATA 6 Gb/s 2.5 (1479 lei)

Storage Drives – 2 X Western Digital 2 TB RE4 (so there are 4 TB, 1812 lei)

Video Card - Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 OC 3GB DDR5 (2273 lei)

Blu-ray drive - LG Electronics WH12LS30 12X Blu-ray (400 lei)

LED Monitor – Samsung S24A450B LS24A450BWT (850 lei)

Keyboard - Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 (421 lei)

Mouse - Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX (300 lei)

Mousepad - SteelSeries 9HD Large Professional (114 lei)

Soundcard - ASUS PCI 5.1 Channel Sound Card XONAR_DG (125 lei)

Speakers - Harman Kardon Soundsticks III (797 lei)

CPU Cooler - Corsair Hydro Series H100 (457 lei)

Additional Fan - Antec Big Boy 200 (92 lei)

Thermal compund and cleaning kit - Arctic Silver 5 + ArctiClean 60ml Kit (100 + 35 lei)

Total: 13631 lei.

What do you think? Is this a good setup for my needs? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Posted 4 years ago
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1 Leu= .27c/dollar or .22 Euro
$100 = 372 Leu

Posted 4 years ago
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if your going to be gaming then the 3570K or the 2500K would be more then enough!
if your not going to OC:
maybe a diffrent mobo?

save the money for a GTX690

2500K + GTX690 + 170$ z68 MOBO ................
should be enough for the next few years!

Posted 4 years ago
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32GB of RAM is a real overkill. You will never need that (unless you run a lot of virtual machines in parallel). 8GB to 12GB would be plenty.

Posted 4 years ago

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