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2nd build issues! need help!

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  • Started 4 years ago by rccar
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I just put together my new build and i am having troubles. when i boot up i get no beeps or anything. i get an a2 debug code then changes to a6. When i have my Graphics card plugged in i get no picture, however when i use onboard graphics it gives me picture and everything. with using the onboard graphics i sucessfully installed windows 7 32 bit and installed mobo drivers. i tried to instal nvidia drivers for the card but i couldnt since it could not detect any hardware that it would go with. so far the things i have tried is

-trying the 2 different pci-e slots.
-tried the 2 plug ins to the video card
-different power cables(with each one the video card fan is running)
-different monitor(still no picture)
-reseating the video card
-blowing out the pci-e slots
-reinstalled windows(didnt format before putting everything together)
-reseating the ram
-ran it with only 1 stick of ram

the only thing i am hesitant of trying is clearing cmos because i dont know really when to hit that tiny little button
- i also have my old card laying around (nvidia 8800gtx) could i pop that in and see if it works or will that card be too old to be compatible

ocz 600w psu
intel 2400k i5
ASrock z77 extreme 4
nvidia GTX560
250gig HD
G-skill 2x4g 1600

please help!

thank you

Posted 4 years ago
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Ryan, Hi! Try the nvidia 8800gtx and see if it can get output. Though probably not applicable, in UEFI utility, which can be access by pressing DEL or F2 during POST, there is a setting where you can configure the North Bridge to set PCI Express as primary graphics adapter. You can also try to plug the gtx560 into another computer for testing and if it still fails, most probably the video card is defective.

Posted 4 years ago

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