CloudSavvy IT in the Google News app

Today, we’re proud to announce that CloudSavvy IT is now an approved content source on Google News. In addition to browsing all our latest content, you can also keep up with our coverage in categories like Linux, Amazon Web Services,  cloud technologies, and more.

Adding us to your list is really easy. You can either head directly to our page on Google News or search for us in the Google News app.

To search for us in the app, hit the little magnifying glass, type “CloudSavvy,” and then click or tap the result. On our page, click or tap that little star icon to follow us. That’s all there is to it.

Searching for CloudSavvy IT in the Google News appFollowing CloudSavvy IT in the Google News app

This way, you can get all of our excellent content all in one, easy-to-read place. All of our stories will show up in your Latest Posts feed, but you can hit up the other category tabs to quickly see our news coverage or articles about the operating systems, devices, or other areas of interest you enjoy.

Of course, this is just the newest way you can follow what we’re doing. Go ahead and add us to Feedly, check us out on Facebook, or give us a follow on Twitter.

Our sister sites are also on Google News! You can follow them the same way you followed How-To Geek. Here’s where to find them:

  • How-To Geek: We explain technology. Follow us for world-class content about Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, Microsoft Office, and more.
  • Review Geek: Make gadgets fun again! Follow us for gadget news, reviews, product roundups, and more.
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