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How to Play Xbox Games on Your PC

You can now play many Xbox games on your PC without owning an Xbox console. All you need is the Xbox app and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. You can also buy some Xbox apps that have been ported to PC—or try an emu…

Why You Should Give Fortnite a Shot (Again)

It’s been a few years since the world lost its collective mind over the Fortnite craze, but the game has shown little signs of slowing down. If you haven’t tried the game before, or you put it down a while ago, now might be …

How Much Worse Is the Xbox Series S, Really?

The Xbox Series S was a bold move by Microsoft, offering a next-generation console at an enticing price, at $200 below the Series X. But if you choose to spring for those savings, how much are you actually giving up?…

Do You Need Paddles on Your Game Controllers?

Rear paddles are an increasingly common inclusion on game controllers, but they’re not included on the controller that comes with your Xbox or PlayStation. So what’s the big deal with paddles, and is it worth investing in a n…

15 Video Games to Try If You Don’t Play Games

Video games are more accessible and varied than ever, but it can be easy to dismiss the medium if you’re not already familiar with it. Whether you start with a few mobile games or take the plunge and purchase a console like t…

How to Perform an Xbox Password Reset

You’ll need a Microsoft account to use Xbox services, which means you’ll need to know your login details to use any Xbox consoles you own. Here’s how to reset your password if it’s been a while since you last logged in….

The Best Xbox Game Pass Games in 2022

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is home to hundreds of titles, with newcomers added monthly. If you need help finding something new to play on your Xbox Series X, here are the best games on Xbox Game Pass in 2022….

How to Connect an Xbox Controller to an Xbox

There are two ways of pairing a controller with an Xbox console. Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers are compatible with both generations of consoles, which means you can use your old controllers on your new console (and vic…
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