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Windows 11: How Much RAM Can Your PC Have?

RAM—random-access memory—is your computer’s short-term data storage. You’ll need more RAM for gaming and other complex tasks like video rendering and media creation than you will for basic desktop usage. But how much RAM …

It’s Time to Clean Out Your Downloads Folder

The file system on Windows PCs and Macs is full of folders: Pictures, Documents, Music, and, of course, Downloads. Despite our best efforts, the Downloads folder is often the catch-all, and yours is probably overdue for a cle…

How to Find Your Computer Name in Windows 10

Do you want to find your computer on a network where there are several machines? One way to do that is to find your PC’s name and then match the name on the network. Here’s how to view your computer’s name using graphical and…

What Is the .GamingRoot File on Windows?

The .GamingRoot file is created by Microsoft’s Xbox app on Windows 10 and Windows 11. This is a real file—not a virus—and you shouldn’t delete it. The Xbox app uses this file to identify drives it can install games on….

How to Turn On the Camera on Windows 10

By turning on your Windows 10 laptop or desktop’s camera, you can take pictures and videos, attend online meetings, stream your gaming sessions with your overlay on them, and more. It’s easy to start your webcam, test it, tro…
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