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How to Make a Heart on a Keyboard

As language and communication have evolved, emoji have become a part of our daily conversations. One of the most commonly-used emoji is the heart. Want to insert a heart emoji on Windows or Mac using just your keyboard? We’ll…

How to Log In Automatically to Windows 11

If your PC never leaves your home and you don’t really need a password, automatically logging in will save you the trouble of typing in your password every single time you turn on or restart your PC. Here’s everything you nee…

How to Check Your Java Version on Windows 11

Occasionally programs will recommend or require a specific version of Java to function. The problem gets worse if you’ve installed multiple versions of Java. How do you know which version you’re using? Luckily, one command is…

Windows 11’s File Explorer Finally Has Tabs

Microsoft has been working on tabs in the Windows File Explorer off and on for years, but the company never fully rolled out the feature Finally, at long last, everyone (on Windows 11) is getting tabs in the File Explorer….

How to Set the Hibernation Time in Windows 11

Want to specify or change the time your Windows 11 PC must be inactive before it enters hibernation mode? If so, it’s quick and easy to make that change on your computer. You can specify a custom time for when your machine is…

How to Trim a Video on Windows 11

Thanks to the built-in Photos app on Windows 11, you can trim your videos to keep the parts you’re interested in while cutting the rest. We’ll show you how to perform this simple editing task on your PC….

How to Remove Your Windows 11 Password

Removing your password probably isn’t the best idea, but if you find entering it regularly irksome, it is possible to remove it entirely. Here’s how you can do it on a Windows 11 PC.

More Apple Services Are Coming to Windows PCs

Apple has many services under its umbrella, but most of them don’t work well (or at all) with non-Apple devices. That has gradually started to change over the past few years, and now more of them are coming to Windows PCs….

How to Use Windows 11 With a Local Account

Windows 11 is notoriously picky about how it is installed. Among other things, Windows 11 requires that you use a Microsoft account when you install it. Here’s how you can avoid using a Microsoft account while installing Wind…

Windows 11 Has a New Tool for HDR Monitors

Microsoft has been working on a calibration tool for HDR screens on Windows 11, so HDR content looks as intended on PCs. Now the company has finally delivered, as the long-awaited calibration tool has finally been released….

How to Run Windows 11 in a Virtual Machine

Windows 11 is famous for its strict hardware requirements. Those requirements require you to take some extra steps when you’re setting up a Windows 11 virtual machine — here are all the things you need to do to get it runni…

The Fastest Ways to Select Text on Your Computer

Highlighting text is something you probably do a lot and don’t think much about. There are actually a surprising number of ways to do it, and some are much better than others. We’ll show you the fastest methods….
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