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How to Enable HDR on Windows 11

Like Windows 10, Windows 11 supports HDR output. Unlike Windows 10, HDR works much better in Windows 11 and is worth turning on in some applications. There are three ways to do this, and we’ll cover them all right here….

Where Are My Downloads on Windows?

If you’ve downloaded a file using Chrome, Edge, or Firefox on Windows 10 or 11, You can usually find it in a special folder called “Downloads.” Even if you saved the file somewhere else, we’ll give you some tips on where to l…

How to Change Your Microsoft Account Name

You might need to change your Microsoft Account name in Office 365 or Windows 11 for whatever reason. Luckily, it’s easy to do with a visit to a special Microsoft Account website. Here’s how.

How to Use Windows 11’s Built-in Pomodoro Timer

Windows 11’s Clock app has a “focus session” feature, which is essentially a built-in Pomodoro timer. The Pomodoro time management technique is a popular method for maintaining productive focus, and now Windows 11 users can t…

New Windows Zero-Day Grants Local Admin Access

It seems like there’s a new local zero-day exploit that grants admin privileges on Windows almost every day, and today is no exception. A researcher publically disclosed a vulnerability that lets anyone with standard privileg…

How to Update Drivers on Windows 11

If the hardware devices in your Windows 11 PC—such as USB controllers, video cards, printers, or other peripherals—need new or updated drivers, it’s usually easy to install them. We’ll show you how….

How to Use Classic Screen Savers in Windows 11

If you’re a fan of vintage Windows screensavers and would like to relive the glory days of Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, or XP, it’s easy to install a pack of vintage Microsoft screensavers for free. Here’s how to do it….

How to Enable Wake-on-LAN in Windows 10 and 11

Wake-on-LAN (WoL) is an old-school technique that network administrators have used for years to remotely turn on PCs on the same network without sidling up to them. You can use it at home, too. Here’s how….

How to Use Apple Notes on Windows or Android

Apple Notes syncs between devices for anyone with an Apple ID, which is required to use devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. Unfortunately, there’s no native app for Windows or Android users, but the web version …

Windows 10’s November 2021 Update Is Here

It’s official: the Windows 10 November 2021 update, codenamed¬†21H2, has arrived. And while it doesn’t bring very much in the way of new features, some people can still download it to your Windows 10 PC right now….
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