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How to Select Multiple Files on Windows

You can reduce the time it takes to manage your files by selecting multiple files on your Windows PC. It’s easy using a keyboard shortcut or your mouse in File Explorer. We’ll show you the various methods here….

How to Turn Off OneDrive on Windows

Wondering how to disable OneDrive? You can pause OneDrive’s file sync, quit the app, prevent it from opening at startup, or get rid of the app from your machine for good. We’ll show you how to do all of that on your Windows …

How to Make a Heart on a Keyboard

As language and communication have evolved, emoji have become a part of our daily conversations. One of the most commonly-used emoji is the heart. Want to insert a heart emoji on Windows or Mac using just your keyboard? We’ll…

How to Log In Automatically to Windows 11

If your PC never leaves your home and you don’t really need a password, automatically logging in will save you the trouble of typing in your password every single time you turn on or restart your PC. Here’s everything you nee…

How to Check Your Java Version on Windows 11

Occasionally programs will recommend or require a specific version of Java to function. The problem gets worse if you’ve installed multiple versions of Java. How do you know which version you’re using? Luckily, one command is…
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