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10 Windows 11 Taskbar Features You Should Be Using

The Windows 11 taskbar has been the subject of much discussion. It’s a drastic change from Windows 10, and lacks many older features. Still, there’s a lot it can do, and you should know about the best tips and tricks….

Android 13 Is Coming to Windows 11

The Windows Subsystem for Android, or WSA for short, is a Windows 11 feature that allows some Android games and applications to run on your PC with alongside typical Windows apps. Now it’s about to get a big update….

How to Update Audio Drivers on Windows

You can fix your various sound issues and possibly get general audio enhancements by updating your audio drivers. You can do this using Device Manager, Windows Update, and your audio card maker’s website. We’ll show you how t…

How to Fix a Blurry Screen in Windows 11

A blurry or fuzzy screen can make using the Windows 11 desktop and your applications a miserable experience. Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem, from changing settings to updating your drivers….

What Is the Latest Version of Windows 11?

The latest version of Windows 11 is the 2022 Update, version “22H2,” which was named “Sun Valley 2” during development. Microsoft says it will release major updates once per year, and this is the first major update Microsoft …

Windows 10 Really Wants You to Upgrade Already

Windows 11 has been out for more than a year, but there are still some holdouts that have, thus far, stayed on Windows 10. While Microsoft’s older OS is still usable today, Microsoft really wants you to update if you have th…
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