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How to Disable Fast Startup on Windows 10

Windows 10’s Fast Startup feature helps turn on your computer faster, but there are times when you may want to disable Fast Startup. We’ll show you what those occasions are and how to turn the feature off….

How to Update Audio Drivers on Windows

You can fix your various sound issues and possibly get general audio enhancements by updating your audio drivers. You can do this using Device Manager, Windows Update, and your audio card maker’s website. We’ll show you how t…

How to Select Multiple Files on Windows

You can reduce the time it takes to manage your files by selecting multiple files on your Windows PC. It’s easy using a keyboard shortcut or your mouse in File Explorer. We’ll show you the various methods here….

How to Turn Off OneDrive on Windows

Wondering how to disable OneDrive? You can pause OneDrive’s file sync, quit the app, prevent it from opening at startup, or get rid of the app from your machine for good. We’ll show you how to do all of that on your Windows …

How to Turn Off the Keyboard Sound on Any Device

Does the sound you hear when you press a key on your screen’s keyboard sound like nails on a chalkboard to you? If so, you can turn the keyboard sound off on your iPhone and iPad, as well as your Windows and Android devices. …

The Fastest Ways to Select Text on Your Computer

Highlighting text is something you probably do a lot and don’t think much about. There are actually a surprising number of ways to do it, and some are much better than others. We’ll show you the fastest methods….

You’re Selecting Text With Your Mouse Wrong

Selecting text is a common thing to do on a computer. Just click and drag your mouse to highlight the desired text. Couldn’t be simpler, right? There’s actually a much better way of doing this, and you’ll never go back….

How to Install Git on Windows

Git is an essential tool if you’re going to be coding. It lets you conveniently manage different versions of code within a repository (repo). Git is also the most common way to access GitHub, one of the largest code repositor…

How to Split Screen in Windows 10 and 11

Using Windows 10 and Windows 11’s split screen feature, you can use multiple apps at once on your screen. You can pin apps to the sides as well as corners of your screen. We’ll show you how to use this productive Windows feat…
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