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How to Reveal a Public Wi-Fi Login Page

Sometimes a public wireless network will require you to validate your details locally before you can access the internet. This normally takes place via means of a pop-up window, but sometimes the login form never shows up….

What Is a Faraday Bag, and Should You Use One?

Faraday bags use the same principles as a Faraday cage to prevent wireless signals from leaving or reaching your devices. So what are the reasons to use one, and how is it different from turning the device off or using airpla…

What Is a Mobile Hotspot?

Mobile hotspots offer a convenient way to share internet access with multiple devices. But how do they work, and do you need to pay for them? Here’s everything you need to know about a mobile hotspot.

8 Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

Wi-Fi is the backbone of the home internet experience and if you’re not getting a strong signal between your router and your phone, smart TV, or other devices, then you’re not having a good time. Here’s how to improve your Wi…

What Is Wi-Fi Calling, and Should You Use It?

If your home or office has spotty cellular coverage, Wi-Fi calling is a nifty little solution that can make your life a lot easier. Here’s everything you need to know about Wi-Fi calling, and how to start using it….

How Fast Will Wi-Fi 7 Be?

Upgrading to a new version of Wi-Fi sounds great, but how much faster will the Wi-Fi 7 standard’s transfer speeds actually be? Let’s compare current standards with Wi-Fi 7 (also called 802.11be) and learn how your actual spee…

Do Any Devices Support Wi-Fi 7 Yet?

Heard the hype about Wi-Fi 7 and want a piece of the ultrafast wireless pie? Let’s find out when you can expect to buy a device supporting those coveted transfer speeds, or at least something close to them….
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