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How to Export Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks

Whether you’re looking to make a backup of your bookmarks, or you want to import your bookmarks in another web browser, you will want to export your Mozilla Firefox bookmarks first. We’ll show you how to do just that….

How to Enable Chrome’s Hidden Windows 11 Theme

Windows 11 has a different look than Windows 10 thanks to the rounded corners and subtle transparency effects. If you want Google Chrome to match this new design language, you can enable it right now. We’ll show you how….

Microsoft Edge Gets Yet Another Shopping Feature

Microsoft has been busy working on its Edge browser, and many of the changes aren’t well-received by the community. A lot of these tweaks have focused on using the browser as a shopping tool, and now Microsoft is adding a new…

How to Save Passwords on Google Chrome

Google Chrome can save your website passwords and help you automatically fill them the next time you visit your sites. If you haven’t already, here’s how to enable Chrome’s built-in password manager on both your desktop and m…

Microsoft Edge Wants to Give You a Loan

Microsoft is always trying new stuff with its Edge browser, and its latest move is rather interesting. Rather than going through a retailer, Edge will offer a buy now, pay later (BNPL) option on the browser level….

What’s New in Chrome 96, Available Now

Google released Chrome 96 on November 16, 2021. Your Chrome browser will now use more of your system’s RAM, but for a good cause: The back and forward buttons will get even faster. There are many more changes behind the scene…

How to Enable Cookies in Google Chrome

If you want websites to keep you signed in to your accounts and remember your personal preferences, you’ll need to turn on cookies in your web browser. We’ll show you how to do that in Google Chrome.

What’s New in Chrome 95, Available Now

If you feel like the last Google Chrome release just happened, you’re not alone. Version 95 of the popular browser was released on October 19, 2021. This update includes improved security for payments, the ability to save Tab…
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