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Meta Quest 3: What We Know So Far

The Meta Quest 3, the successor of the company’s popular Quest 2 VR headset, is long overdue. But even though we are probably months away from its release, several details about it have trickled down through the grapevine….

How to Sanitize a VR Headset

VR’s immersive experience sometimes means immersing your face in a gross cocktail of gunk and germs. Either your own, or someone else’s! Since VR headsets are such personal devices, it’s a good idea to keep them sanitary….

Can You Use VR With One Eye?

If you have one functional eye, virtual reality may not hold much appeal, like paying extra for a 3D movie ticket but being unable to see the 3D effect. However, there’s more to VR than 3D images, and you may find it works b…

How to Use Meta Quest Hand Tracking

Quest VR headsets come with brilliant motion controllers, but to interact with the world of VR you can also use nothing but your hands. Activating this feature is easy, but it comes with a few limitations you should know abou…

Should You Buy a Meta Quest Pro?

The Meta Quest Pro VR headset, codenamed “Project Cambria,” was officially revealed on October 11, 2022. It has a $1500 price tag and a long list of technical improvements compared to Quest 2, but does that mean you should bu…

How to Unlink Your Quest Headset From Facebook

Good news: Quest VR headsets don’t need Facebook accounts anymore! If you’re buying a new Meta Quest (formerly Oculus Quest) VR headset, you don’t need a Facebook account to set it up. If you’re already using a Facebook accou…

10 Quest VR Headset Features You Should Be Using

The Meta Quest VR headsets are brilliant standalone VR systems packed with accessible games and experiences, but these affordable VR machines can do much more than you may realize. These are ten of the coolest features you sh…

VR: When Will We Get Taste, Touch, and Smell?

Virtual Reality (VR) has pretty much nailed providing high-quality virtual content for your eyes and ears, but what about the other sense organs? How far away are we from getting taste, touch, and smell as part of the VR expe…

Should You Buy a VR Headset?

If you’re looking to broaden your gaming horizons, you might be tempted to invest in a virtual reality headset. But VR isn’t simply an extension of the games you may already enjoy, it’s a whole new medium that comes with its …
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