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7 Common Gamepad Problems and How to Fix Them

Game controllers take a lot of abuse. From sweaty gaming sessions to spills and drops, some parts simply aren’t built to last beyond a few years. Here are some of the GamePad problems you’re likely to encounter and the fixes …

Amazon Luna is Slimming Down its Games Library

Amazon has made itself a place in the game streaming ecosystem with Luna, especially with the shutdown of Google Stadia. Unfortunately, Amazon Luna will be dramatically trimming its library, removing almost 50 games in total….

How to Take a Screenshot in Steam

Want to brag about your mad gaming skills? One way to do that is to take screenshots of your games. Steam makes capturing screenshots super easy with a keyboard shortcut. You can also change the shortcut key as well as the de…

How Much Worse Is the Xbox Series S, Really?

The Xbox Series S was a bold move by Microsoft, offering a next-generation console at an enticing price, at $200 below the Series X. But if you choose to spring for those savings, how much are you actually giving up?…

30 FPS Games Are Here to Stay. Here’s Why

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles offered a short list of 60fps games, as did the generation before. At the start of the current generation, it seemed like 60fps games would become the new normal. Now, 30fps is back on…

How to Restart a PS4

Is your PlayStation 4 frozen? Do your favorite games keep crashing? Restarting your PS4 can fix these issues and more. You can even reboot your PS4 with or without a controller. We’ll show you how.

Should You Buy Early Access Games on Steam?

While looking for your next game to play on the Steam storefront, you’ll inevitably come across a few labeled “Steam Early Access.” So what does Early Access mean for you as the player, and are there downsides or risks involv…

The Steam Mobile App Is Getting an Overhaul

You might not know Steam even has a mobile app, but as it turns out, it does. Obviously, you can’t download games to your phone from there, but you can keep tabs on your Steam profile and friends. Now, though, it’s getting a …

How to Turn Off a PS4

Ready to take a break from gaming? If so, it’s easy to turn off your PlayStation 4 with or without a controller. We’ll show you how.

Google Stadia Is Finally Shutting Down

Google was one of the very first companies to jump on the game streaming bandwagon with Stadia in 2019. But after its many woes, the company has finally come clean, and it’s killing Stadia for good.
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