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How to Switch Between Twitter Accounts on the Web

You have long been able to manage multiple accounts using the Twitter app on iPhone, iPad, and Android, but until recently, you had to log out and back in to switch profiles using the social network’s web interface. Thankfull…

How to Hide Twitter Replies

Twitter is experimenting with a new tool that allows users to hide replies to their tweets. The feature is specifically made to hide unwanted and spam comments from a post that distract from the conversation. Here’s how it wo…

How People Are Tweeting From Pretend Devices

Have you seen the news? A “teen girl” went viral for tweeting from an “LG Smart Refrigerator” when her mother took away her phone. But that was fake—there’s no LG Smart Refrigerator with a built-in Twitter client….

How to Get the Old Twitter Website Back

Twitter.com was just updated with a new interface. Now a progressive web app, Twitter’s website is more similar to the mobile versions. But you don’t have to use the new one—you can get the classic Twitter website back in a…

How to Cut Out the Noise With Twitter Lists

Twitter is a fast-paced network that never stops, which can be overwhelming. It’s challenging to keep tabs on important topics. That’s where lists can come in handy—they make it easier to organize your feed….

How to Change Your Twitter Password

You should use a strong password for every important web service you have. While Twitter may not be up there with Facebook in terms of the personal data connected to your account, you may still use Twitter for important stuff…

How to Check If a Twitter Account Is a Bot

There are a lot of bots on Twitter. Some are trying to sell things, some are stage one in an elaborate scam, and some are run by international intelligence agencies for any number of reasons.

How to Activate Twitter’s Night Mode

Twitter has a dark mode on the web and in its apps, where the bright whites are replaced with deep blues. Ostensibly, this makes Twitter easier to use in low-light environments since it’s less harsh on your eyes. Personally…

The Best Unofficial Twitter Apps for Android

Services that offer public APIs often get their best tools from third-party developers. Social platform Twitter is no exception: almost anyone who uses Twitter professionally will have TweetDeck on their desktop, which start…
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