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Should You Buy a Projector Instead of a TV?

Want to host the ultimate movie night? How about split-screen Mario Kart on a display that feels like every player has their own TV? You can have all this, and more, if you bite the bullet and buy a projector. But there are …

How to Add More HDMI Ports to a TV

Does your TV not have enough HDMI ports for your needs? You don’t have to replace the TV. Fix the problem with an HDMI switcher! Just make sure you get the right one.

Dish TV Just Lost Channels in 28 Areas

Dish is one of the most popular TV providers in the United States, but it’s now in the middle of another carriage dispute. Ongoing negotiations with two broadcasting companies means Dish just lost channels in 28 areas….

Should You Use a TV as a PC Monitor?

Large, high-resolution computer monitors are expensive, so why not use a TV instead? There are good reasons to consider using a TV instead of a monitor, but at the same time, there are important tradeoffs to consider before y…

Dish TV Just Lost Channels in 9 Areas

Dish is one of the most popular TV providers in the United States, with millions of subscribers. Unfortunately, an old-fashioned carriage dispute means many Dish customers just lost access to at least one of their local chann…

Why Do TV Speakers Sound So Bad?

The picture quality of modern TVs is better than ever so it’s a shame the same can’t be said about the sound quality. So how did we get here, and how much do you need to spend to fix the problem?

Are Black Friday TVs Really a Scam?

Televisions are always one of the hottest items when Black Friday sales roll around. Many people wait until the holiday season to buy a TV. The deals sometimes sound too good to be true, but is that actually the case?…

How to Make Your TV Last Longer on Backup Power

With blackouts possible at any time, many people use battery backup to keep their TVs on while the lights are out. TVs can be power-hungry, but you can drastically cut their consumption and, ideally, keep watching until power…

What Ever Happened to Plasma TVs?

Once regarded for their picture quality, plasma TVs no longer have a place in the market. But what led to the disappearance of this TV technology? And if you’re looking for a plasma TV replacement, what should you get?…

What’s the Best TV Viewing Distance?

The distance you sit from your TV plays a significant role in getting an immersive experience. If you sit too close, you may notice pixel-level imperfections or strain your eyes, but if you sit too far, you may miss smaller d…

What Is Quantum Dot Technology?

Quantum dots are making waves in the world of TVs and monitors, but what are they exactly? Is this just another abuse of the word “quantum” by marketers, or are these dots as amazing as they’re made out to be?…

What Is the Dirty Screen Effect?

Something you may encounter when purchasing a new TV is poor color uniformity on a black background, also known as the “dirty screen effect” or DSE for short. So what causes it, and is there anything you can do about it?…
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