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What Is the Dirty Screen Effect?

Something you may encounter when purchasing a new TV is poor color uniformity on a black background, also known as the “dirty screen effect” or DSE for short. So what causes it, and is there anything you can do about it?…

Speaker Impedance: What Are Ohms in Speakers?

If you’re buying a new amplifier or speakers, paying attention to the impedance of each is important. Why? Because a mismatch can seriously damage either of them. Let’s take a look at how to avoid that….

Home Theater Wiring: What Are All Those Connections?

A home theater system can bring a cinematic experience into your home, but the TV’s back panel can be daunting. With so many connections and types of cables, how do you know what to plug in where? It’s simpler than it seems….

Super Bowl 2022: Best TV Deals

Super Bowl LVI is almost here. If you are looking to upgrade your living room setup before the big game, retailers are offering significant discounts on some of the most popular televisions. And, we have handpicked the best T…

The Successor to HEVC: What Is the AV1 Codec?

Most modern devices now include support for hardware-accelerated media decoding, which allows for more efficient compression and better quality video. The next leap in quality will come from the successor to HEVC, known as AV…

The Best QLED TVs of 2022

QLED TVs promise to offer fantastic picture quality, but in a market full of televisions with quantum dot technology, it can be hard to choose the best. To help, we have handpicked the best QLED TVs you can buy….

Is an 8K TV Worth Buying Without 8K Content?

Thinking of buying an 8K TV? There’s very little native content available, so upscaling is likely to be your best friend for several years to come. Is upscaling good enough, or should you wait? Let’s take a look….

What Is HDR10+ Gaming?

HDR10+ Gaming is the latest technology to expand the scope of the HDR10+ standard. It is debuting on Samsung TVs and gaming monitors. But how does it improve your gaming experience, and what do you need to enjoy HDR10+ Gaming…

The Best Amazon Fire TVs of 2022

Fire TVs offer a large selection of streaming apps and Amazon’s helpful Alexa voice assistant, making them an excellent option for your living room. But if you aren’t sure which to choose, we have handpicked the best Amazon F…

The Best 55-Inch TVs of 2022

Looking for a new 55-inch television? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and TV marketing jargon to find what you need. Our handpicked recommendations can help you select the best 55-inch TV….

How to Update Your Roku TV or Streaming Device

Want to force an update on your Roku TV or streaming stick? Your device regularly checks for updates in the background, but a manual update can sometimes be necessary, like when streaming issues arise. Here’s how to do it….

The Best 65-Inch TVs of 2022

Over the last few years, the 65-inch TV segment has gone from being niche to mainstream. It’s a great time to buy one for your home! To help, we’ve handpicked the best 65-inch TVs for everyone.

How to Add Gigabit Ethernet to a TV Without It

TV manufacturers have rushed to improve their latest models with fast HDMI 2.1 ports capable of supporting 4K gaming at 120Hz in glorious HDR. Unfortunately, most of the same models still use outdated 100Mb Ethernet ports. Fo…

Samsung Can Remotely Deactivate Your Smart TV

Samsung suddenly publicized a feature that allows the company to disable stolen TVs remotely. The company calls it the “Television Block Function,” and Samsung activated it recently in South Africa after TVs were stolen from …

How to Buy a TV: What You Need to Know

Buying a TV is more complex than ever. There are new technologies, formats, and buzzwords you have to keep up with. Plus, pricing is also all over the place as more affordable companies try to unseat brands like LG and Samsun…
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