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How to Make a Spotify Playlist Private

Spotify allows other users to see the playlists you create. If you’d like to keep your playlists hidden, you’ll have to make each playlist private in your account settings. We’ll show you how to do that from your desktop and …

How to See Your Spotify Stats

One of Spotify’s best features is the ability to track your music listening habits. “Spotify Wrapped” is a big part of that, but you don’t need to wait until December to see your stats. We’ll show you where to look….

Spotify Car Thing Is Now Available for $90

Spotify is making it easier to listen to music in your car with its new Car Thing gadget. The $90 device is officially available to all Spotify members after a brief test period where only certain Spotify users could get one….

How to Copy a Spotify Playlist

Spotify has tons of playlists to choose from. If you find a playlist you like, but there are a few songs you’d like to change, you can copy it and customize it yourself. We’ll show you how.

Did You Know Spotify Has a Voice Assistant?

Voice assistants are all the rage, but did you know Spotify has one too? That’s right, the Spotify app for iPhone, iPad, and Android has a voice assistant built-in and it’s surprisingly cool. We’ll tell you all about it….

Spotify Is Making Podcasts Ads More Interactive

Ads are a part of life on the internet. If you listen to podcasts, you’ve almost certainly heard the podcast host tell you about some product where you had to remember a long URL. Those days are gone in Spotify, as podcast cr…

Spotify Will Finally Let You Rate Podcasts

Spotify is finally catching up to Apple Podcasts, as the company just announced that it is adding a feature that’ll let you rate a show after listening to it. The rating system will give creators on Spotify a new way to help …

How to Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2021

As the year comes to a close, the popular streaming service has launched Spotify Wrapped 2021. You can look back at the songs, artists, and podcasts you listened to the most over the past year and share them with friends….

Netflix Is on Spotify Now

Netflix and Spotify are working together with a new Netflix Hub on Spotify. You can get audio experiences from many of Netflix’s most popular properties on the music streaming service, whether you’re a free or premium Spotify…

Spotify No Longer Shuffles Albums by Default

When you head to the Spotify album view, the play button used to have a little shuffle symbol that would let you play the album in random order by default. However, that has been removed, apparently at the request of Adele….

How to Block Someone on Spotify

Spotify is much more than just a music streaming service. It has a lot of social features as well, including blended playlists and followers. If you don’t want someone to see your Spotify account, you can block them….

Spotify Will Soon Let You Block People

Spotify is a music app, first and foremost. However, it has all sorts of social features that may make you want to block someone. Thankfully, Spotify is going to make it incredibly easy to block a person in the very near futu…

How to Disconnect Spotify From Facebook

Do you want to isolate your Spotify account from your Facebook account so that each account operates independently? If so, it’s easy to unlink Spotify from Facebook and we’ll show you how to do just that….

How to Make and Scan Spotify Codes

Spotify codes make it easy to share your favorite songs and other items on Spotify. We’ll show you how to make and scan these codes on your Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
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