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What Do Clouds on Mars Look Like? Earth Clouds

It would be nice to one day stand under a cloud on Mars with a loved one and romantically ask what it looks like to them, only to see their eyes bulging out like Schwarzenegger in Total Recall because they forget their helmet…

Your Files Might Be Going to Space

The question “What if we put it in space?” seems to be the new go-to solution to all our problems on Earth, whether it’s moon colonies, communication, advertising, or shooting people we dislike into the sun. Might as well sto…

That’s No Moon, That’s an Ad

Looking at the night sky has inspired civilizations for tens of thousands of years, but a new proposal on satellite-based advertising might inspire us to look away.

16 NASA Inventions We Use Every Day

You’d probably be shocked at just how many items we use every day started life in a NASA lab. Sometimes you’re trying to get astronauts home safely, and in the process, you invent something that belongs in every home or tool…
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