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How to Set Up Facebook Marketplace Alerts

Facebook Marketplace has become the go-to place for selling things online. If you’re on the lookout for a specific item, an alert can help you snag a great deal before everyone else. We’ll show you how to do it….

How to Take a Break From Someone on Facebook

With Facebook’s “Take a Break” feature, you can make it so you see less of someone’s posts in your feed, control what the other person can see in your profile, as well as change who can see the posts between you and that pers…

How to Unfollow Someone on Facebook

If you’d like to stop seeing someone’s posts in your news feed, unfollow them in your Facebook account. You can continue to be friends with them while still unfollowing them. We’ll show you how to do that using your desktop a…

How to See Who Is Following You on Facebook

Facebook allows you to see the list of people who follow you on this platform. These people aren’t necessarily your friends but they’ve chosen to follow your posts in their news feed. We’ll show you how to check this list on …

How to Delete Videos on Facebook

Regret uploading that video to Facebook that you thought was funny? No worries, you can always delete the videos you’ve uploaded to your Facebook account. You can do this from both your desktop and your mobile, and we’ll show…

How to Follow Someone on Facebook

Once you follow a personal account or a page on Facebook, you start seeing that entity’s posts in your news feed. This is a great way to get updates from your favorite people or brands without being friends….

How to Send a Friend Request on Facebook

By adding someone as a friend on Facebook, you get access to more information on their profile page as well as see their posts in your news feed. In this guide, we’ll show you how to send a friend request to someone on Facebo…

How to Log Out of Facebook on iPhone

By logging out of Facebook on your iPhone, you can use other accounts with the app as well as secure your account data by not making it available to anyone who uses your phone. We’ll explain to you the entire Facebook sign-ou…

What Is Twitter Circle, and Should You Use It?

Twitter makes it easy to blast your thoughts out for everyone to see. However, you may not always want all your followers to see every single tweet. That’s where a feature called “Twitter Circle” comes in….

How to Make Your Facebook Account More Private

Facebook has a shaky reputation when it comes to privacy, but it’s a useful tool for keeping in touch with friends and family. If you’re going to use the social network, there are a few things you can do to lock things down a…

How to Turn Off Video Captions on Facebook

Facebook displays captions on its videos to help you follow the content, but if you don’t need them, they can be annoying. Here’s how you can disable the captions on Facebook videos on desktop, iPhone, and iPad….

How to Delete Your Instagram Account on an iPhone

If you don’t want to continue with Instagram’s services anymore, it’s easy to delete your account on your iPhone. You can then optionally delete the Instagram app to free up your phone’s storage. We’ll show you how to do that…

A Twitter Alternative: How Does Mastodon Work?

Want to keep an eye on the world’s events beyond the corporate eye of Twitter? Then the microblogging platform Mastodon might just be for you. Here’s a look at what it is, how it works, and how it compares to Twitter….

Why Is Facebook Called Facebook?

Facebook, the popular social network, boasts billions of users worldwide. Did you ever wonder how the service got its name—and what does “Facebook” mean, anyway? We’ll explain.

How to Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger

If you don’t wish to keep a single or an entire chat in your Facebook Messenger, the company allows you to delete individual or all your messages at once. Here’s how you go about doing that on your desktop and mobile….

How to Find Archived Messages on Facebook

Want to take a look at your archived messages, and perhaps unarchive one or more of those conversations? If so, Facebook makes it easy to find and unarchive your chats on both your desktop and mobile phone. We’ll show you how…

How to Delete a Story on Facebook

Facebook makes it super easy to remove individual photos or videos from your Stories. You can delete these items from your archived Stories as well. We’ll show you how to go about doing just that on your desktop or mobile dev…

How to Tag Someone on Facebook

Facebook lets you tag people, groups, and pages in your posts, comments, and photos so you can notify those entities of their mention in your content. It’s easy to do that and we’ll show you how.

How to Schedule a Post on Facebook

If you’ve created a post but you’d like to publish it sometime in the future, you can schedule your post using Facebook’s scheduling options. Here’s how to do that on your desktop and mobile phone.

How to Duet on TikTok

Some of TikTok’s most popular features include the ability to react and respond to other videos. “Duet” is one way to do this—it’s sorta like reacting in real-time to another TikTok video. We’ll show you how it works….
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