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How to Unblock Facebook

If you’re at school, at work, or in a country with internet censorship, there’s a good chance you can’t access Facebook. The social media site is blocked by sysadmins and government officials the world over, but luckily you c…

Why Is Texting in no caps So Trendy?

Whenever we notice someone texting or emailing in all lowercase letters, some react as if this is the most casual badass to ever grace these parts. They must be texting while jumping their flaming motorcycle over a pool of pi…

How to Hide a Comment on Your Post on Facebook

Struggling with unwanted comments on your Facebook posts? While you can turn them off, you can also hide comments. When you do so, the commenter and their friends will still see the comment, but it won’t be visible to anyone …

Yes, Emoji Have Multiple Meanings Too

In case you haven’t heard, Gen Z has apparently “canceled” a handful of emoji, including the thumbs-up. That’s absolutely not true, but it’s brought something interesting to light. Do people not realize emojis have multiple m…

How to Find Your Memories on Facebook

Viewing your Facebook Memories is a great way to know what you were doing on any given day in the past. Facebook Memories include your posts, posts you’re tagged in, and other content. Plus, it’s super easy to access. We’ll s…

“That Must Have Been Before My Time”

Better than any moisturizer or old pair of pants that suddenly fit is the moment when you don’t get the reference that a person a little older than you just made. Every generation does it to the generation that preceded them….

How to Block Someone on Instagram

If you’re tired of seeing sensitive content, receiving unwanted messages, or getting spammed on Instagram, you can block the culprit’s account. By blocking the account, the user won’t be able to contact you and won’t show up …

These Are the 20 New Emoji Coming to Your Phone

It’s that time of the year when we get new emoji. The Unicode Consortium has finally released its yearly Unicode update, bringing it up to version 15.0. And among the several thousand new characters released, we have 20 new e…

“Did You See My Tweet?”

“Did you see my Tweet?” A friend once asked me this and I reacted like he showed me a picture of his poop, which is sort of the same thing.

How to Change Your Facebook Username

To make it easier for people to find your Facebook profile, change your username so your profile link is easy to remember. We’ll show you how to do this on Facebook’s desktop site, as the mobile app doesn’t allow you to chan…

Hackers Claim They Breached TikTok

TikTok is perhaps the hottest social media app right now, mainly because of its addicting algorithm. The possibility of a TikTok hack, then, is pretty scary, as it can affect billions of users. Some hackers claim they breach…

How to Hide Your Birthday on Facebook

If you don’t want anyone to see your birthday and get notifications about it, you can hide both your birthday and your birth year in your Facebook profile. We’ll show you how to do that on Facebook’s website and mobile app….

What Is BeReal, and Why Is Everyone Copying It?

New social media apps seem to pop up every week, but many don’t last long. Thanks to a fresh, simple concept, BeReal has gained enough popularity to make much bigger social media apps pay attention. What makes it so special?…

Hate the New Instagram Feed? Try the Web App

Instagram has been putting a big emphasis on videos and Reels. If you want Instagram like it used to be, the web app is pretty close—and it can be “installed” like a regular app on Android and iPhone….
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