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How to Find Friends’ Birthdays on Facebook

Need to check when your friend’s birthday is? Or maybe you just want to see a calendar of upcoming birthdays? Luckily, Facebook makes it easy to view all your friends’ birthdays on a single page. We’ll show you how….

What Are Instagram Messenger Rooms?

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, and the two platforms have been getting more crossover features ever since. Instagram “Rooms” is an extension of the Facebook Messenger feature with the same name, but there’s a little mor…

How to Pin a Post on Facebook

Want to draw your profile viewers’ attention to a specific post on Facebook? You can pin a post to make it always appear at the top of your profile page. We’ll show you how to do it.

How to Log Out of Instagram

If you use Instagram on a shared mobile phone or computer, it’s a good idea to log out of your account when you leave the device. This ensures another person using the device can’t access your account. We’ll show you how to d…

How to DM on Twitter

On Twitter, you can DM (Direct Message) someone to communicate with them privately. Twitter allows sending and receiving DMs on both its website and mobile apps, and we’ll show you how to do that.

How to Post Anonymously in a Facebook Group

If you’d like to post something in a Facebook group without revealing your name, use Facebook’s anonymous posting feature. It’s easy to do, assuming that a group administrator has enabled the feature. We’ll show you how to us…

How to Hide (or Show) Like Counts on Facebook

Do you measure a Facebook post’s quality not by how many likes (reactions) it receives but the post’s actual impact on people? If so, you can get rid of the like counts in your Facebook news feed. We’ll show you how….

How to Change Your Birthday on Facebook

If you entered the wrong birthday while creating your Facebook account, you can fix that by changing your birthday on Facebook at any time. We’ll show you how to do this on Facebook’s website and mobile apps….

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook

Want to give someone a second chance and allow them to view your Facebook profile? It’s easy to unblock someone you have blocked in your Facebook account. We’ll show you how to do this on the Facebook site and the mobile app….

How to Hide Posts from Facebook Memories

Facebook Memories appear as daily reminders of things you’ve shared or been tagged in on the social network. You can’t turn Facebook Memories off, but you can control what shows up in them by excluding specific people and dat…

How to Deactivate Facebook Messenger

Wondering how to deactivate Facebook Messenger but can’t find the option? You’re not alone. Facebook has made it somewhat difficult to disable Messenger without disabling other Facebook services first. Here’s how it works….
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