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Six Common Smarthome Mistakes Beginners Make

Smarthomes are becoming more common with each passing year, and smart devices are finally accessible enough for the average person. But creating your smarthome isn’t something you should go into without planning. Without fore…

How to Set Up a Child’s Smart Bedroom

You may have set up your own smart bedroom, but what about your children? Kids have different needs, so you’ll want to take a different approach. With the right devices, you can give them a smart bedroom that benefits everybo…

How to Make Nearly Any Dumb Appliance Smart

Smart appliances offer voice control, smartphone apps, and powerful automations. But why spend hundreds of dollars on the latest models? With some inexpensive smart plugs, you can give your dumb devices the same features for …

How to Make Your Google Home Quieter at Night

The night has come; you’re winding down. “Hey Google, turn off all the lights” you whisper, and then regret sets in as your Google Home yells confirmation, waking everyone up. Here’s how to make Google speak quietly at night….

How to Make Your Garage Door Smart

Have you ever left your home or gone to bed only to wonder if you closed the garage door? Turning around or getting out of bed isn’t fun. If you make your garage door smart, you can close it from anywhere! Here’s how….

How to Enable Google Assistant on Your Chromebook

Chrome OS has a hidden feature that lets you use Google Assistant on your Chromebook. It’s tucked away as an experimental feature on the Flags page, and when enabled, lets you take advantage of Google Assistant directly from …

5 Smarthome Devices You Shouldn’t Buy

Not all smarthome devices make sense to buy. Many are expensive, hard to use, and offer little if any benefit compared to a typical “dumb” device. Do you really need a smart pillow or a smart fridge? No, you don’t….

How Alexa Listens for Wake Words

Alexa is always listening but not continually recording. It doesn’t send anything to cloud servers until it hears you say the wake word (Alexa, Echo, or Computer). But listening for wake words is harder than you might think….

How to Add Alexa to Your Smart Mirror

If you built a smart mirror, you already have handy access to calendars, weather, and news. But you can do more than that! The Magic Mirror software lets you add modules for extra features, like Alexa for voice control….

How to Set Up a Smart Kitchen

Your kitchen is full of appliances, but they’re dumb. Technology, like smart speakers, lights, ovens, and faucets, can make cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping easier. Creating a smart kitchen isn’t hard, and everyone in …

How to Set Up a Smart Bedroom

You may spend most of the time in your bedroom sleeping, but it can still benefit from smarthome technology. A smarter bedroom can help you get to sleep and wake up in the morning.

Will a Smart Plug Pay For Itself?

Smart plugs are a great way to automate your dumb devices, like lamps, game systems, and coffee makers. They also promise energy and money savings. But will they save enough money to pay for themselves? Maybe eventually….

How to Take Your Smarthome Traveling

Just because you’re leaving home doesn’t mean you can’t take smart home tech with you. Whether you’re camping, road tripping in an RV, or staying in a hotel, you can bring some of your smarthome tech with you….

How to Delete Your Alexa Recordings by Voice

Amazon is rolling out new privacy features today for Alexa. In addition to an educational “privacy hub,” the company lets you delete your stored recordings by voice. But it’s off by default; you’ll need to flip a switch….

How to Share Access to Your Wyze Devices

Sometimes you may want to give a friend or family member access to your Wyze videos. Or you may desire individual control of do not disturb settings. Rather than share your account, you should share access to your Wyze device…

Free Download: Use Alexa Hands-Free on Any PC

Alexa just got more powerful on Windows 10. Amazon previously brought Alexa to Windows, but wake words only worked on some PCs. Now, Alexa can run in the background and listen for “Alexa” commands on any PC….

The Worst Things About Owning a Smarthome

Smarthomes are convenient and powerful. From self-locking doors and automated lights to video doorbells and voice control, there’s so much to love. But, sometimes, owning a smarthome is an incredibly frustrating experience. H…
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