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How Long Do Video Doorbells Last?

People like to upgrade their gadgets regularly, but that doesn’t seem to include video doorbells. Once installed, they basically just do their thing. But does a Ring or Nest smart doorbell have a shelf life?…

Matter Is Coming to Your Nest Thermostat

Matter, despite its potential to perhaps standardize all smart home hardware regardless of its manufacturer or intended ecosystem, has struggled a bit. But it’s slowly but steadily catching steam. The Nest Thermostat is the l…

No, Google Assistant Is Not Dying

Google Assistant provides a powerful voice assistant to many smart speakers, Android phones, smart displays, and other devices around the world. Even in this new world of Bard and Bing, it’s unlikely that Assistant is going a…

Is an Air Quality Monitor Worth Having?

Air quality monitors have gained popularity as people have become more conscious of the air they breathe in their homes and offices. But what do air quality monitors do, and are they useful? Here’s all you need to know….

How to Enable Dark Mode in Real Life

Dark mode is a feature on pretty much every device and app you can imagine. Android, iPhone, Windows, macOS, Chromebooks, you name it. But in the real world, you’re stuck in light mode half the time. Let’s fix that….

Why You Should Use Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video is a compelling home security solution for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. It offers some benefits in terms of privacy and storage that you won’t necessarily find in competing systems….

Garmin is Making its Watches Even Better

If you’re looking for a watch that gets fitness features right, it’s hard to go wrong with Garmin. They’re pricey, but they’re also some of the best smartwatches for the right kind of person, and now they are getting even bet…

How Much Do Smart Blinds Cost?

If you’re curious about modernizing your window treatments, you might wonder how much smart blinds and shades cost. There’s a premium for new installations and retrofits, but it might not be as steep as you think….
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