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Is Slack Down? Here’s How to Check (and Fix It)

With more people working remotely than ever before, many depend on Slack to stay in touch with their colleagues. So what do you do when Slack isn’t working? Here are several actions you can take to remedy the situation….

What Is a Slack “Huddle” and How Do I Start One?

Clubhouse splashed onto the scene with “drop-in” voice-only group chats. Several services have introduced their own versions of this, including Slack. Here’s how you can use Slack for quick “huddles” with your team when you n…

How to Use Custom Sounds for Slack Notifications

Slack lets you choose from a small variety of notification sounds when you get a direct message or mention. But, by default, you can’t add your own sounds. Fortunately, there’s a way to use custom notification sounds in Slack…

How to Send RSS Feeds to a Slack Channel

Slack is a great communication app, but it can do much more than just hold a back-and-forth conversation between you and your colleagues. Here’s how to keep up with your favorite websites by adding RSS feeds to Slack….

How to Remove Profile Photos From Your Slack DMs

In 2020, Slack added profile pictures to the list of users in your Direct Messages. If you’re not a fan, there’s a switch that toggles DM profile pictures on or off. Here’s how to remove people’s avatars from your direct mess…

How to Turn Off Automatic Emoji Conversion in Slack

Emoji are everywhere these days. In many apps—such as Slack—you can’t type a simple text-based emoticon like “:)” or “:D” without having it automatically translated into a tiny emoji picture. Luckily, Slack allows you to …

How to Remember Important Messages in Slack

Slack can be chaotic. There’s a good chance you often need to remember and take action on messages in channels, replies to threads, and direct messages. Take advantage of these Slack features to avoid forgetting those importa…

How to Stop Slack Notifications on the Weekend

Slack’s notifications can be overwhelming enough during the workday. If you have the weekend off, the last thing you need is notifications arriving on your phone at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Slack finally lets you stop no…

How to Send Notes to Yourself on Slack

There are dozens of options for sharing notes across devices these days, but if you use Slack, there’s one more. With Slack’s direct message interface, it’s easy to send yourself quick private reminders and notes that you can…

How to Start a Video Call in Slack

In this age of remote working, many Slack users rely on external services such as Zoom or Google Meet for video chats. But few know that it’s just as easy to start a video call within Slack itself without any extra software o…

How to Set Reminders in Slack

When you’re using Slack for communications, it’s important to remember to follow up on a message, attend a meeting, or just get up and drink some water. Set reminders in Slack and Slackbot will help….

How to Change Slack’s Default Emoji Skin Tone

Unless you’re a character from The Simpsons, Slack’s default yellow skin tone for emojis probably doesn’t represent you. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to change the default emoji skin tone from yellow to something more app…
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