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How to Block Unknown Numbers on Android

One of the downsides of having a phone in your pocket all the time is unwanted calls. Sure, you could simply not answer the call, but that’s still annoying. You can avoid this by blocking unknown numbers on Android….

How to Choose a Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is a great convenience to have with your smartphone, but not all chargers are created equal. Certain wireless chargers will work better with your phone. How do you know which one to get? We’ll show you….

How to Forward Calls on Android

Call forwarding is a handy feature that allows you to route calls from one phone number to another. This can be useful in many situations, and it’s not difficult to set up. We’ll show you how to do it….

How to Turn Off Keyboard Vibration on Android

Most keyboard apps have subtle vibration—also known as “haptic feedback”—to help make typing on a touchscreen feel more tactile. If you’d rather not feel your Android phone buzz with every tap, this can be turned off….

How to Set up Do Not Disturb on Samsung Galaxy Phones

There’s no reason to let pesky Android notifications get on your last nerve.¬†Set up “Do Not Disturb” mode and automatically mute annoying notifications at times when you don’t need them. Here’s how to do it on your Samsung G…

What Is Samsung Free, and How Do I Turn It Off?

Samsung loves to include its own apps and services on devices. This can lead to some confusion when you get a new Galaxy device and you’re confronted with unfamiliar things. “Samsung Free” is a prominent one, so what is it?…
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