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How to Reset Network Settings on Samsung

If you’re experiencing issues with your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or network on your Samsung phone, it’s worth resetting your network settings to resolve those issues. We’ll show you how to do that using your Galaxy phone’s Settings …

How to Hide Apps on a Samsung Phone

Are there apps on your device that you want to keep private? If so, it’s easy to hide both stock and user-installed apps on your Samsung Galaxy phone. We’ll show you how to do that using a built-in feature….

How to Turn Off Data Saver Mode on Android

Data Saver mode on Android helps save your mobile internet data. Data Saver mode ensures apps and services only use background data when on Wi-Fi. However, if you have an unlimited data plan, Data Saver isn’t necessary. Learn…

How to Turn Off an Android Phone

Ready to give your Android a break? It’s easy to turn off your Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phone using the hardware buttons or the on-screen options. We’ll show you how to use both.

How to Record Audio on an Android Phone

There are many reasons why you might want to record audio on your Android phone. For example, you may want to take voice notes or record a phone call. Luckily, recording sound on Android is super simple using built-in options…

How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android

When you finish troubleshooting your phone, you’ll want to turn off Safe Mode on Android. There are multiple ways to do this, and we’ll go over them here. Stuck in Safe Mode? We’ll show you how to fix that too….

The Galaxy Watch 5 Is a Better Pixel Watch

Samsung phones are great, but they’re overloaded with features—Google Pixel phones offer a better Android experience for most people. However, I can’t say the same about the Pixel Watch. Samsung out-Googled Google this time…

How to Turn On Autocorrect

Autocorrect is an incredible tool that automatically fixes your misspelled words. While the feature comes enabled by default on many devices, you can also turn it on manually. We’ll show you how to do that on Android, Windows…

Why Is It Called the Samsung “Galaxy”?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the name “Samsung Galaxy.” After all, it’s the second most popular phone brand in the world. Where did the “Galaxy” part of the name come from, anyway?…

How to Find Your Samsung Phone’s IMEI Number

Knowing your Samsung phone’s unique IMEI number helps you register your phone for warranty, block your SIM card, and perform other tasks. You can view your phone’s IMEI even if the phone won’t turn on. We’ll show you how….

Why Does My Phone Keep Randomly Restarting?

Whether it’s an Android phone or an iPhone, a smartphone under normal working conditions shouldn’t restart without any interaction from you. Such behavior can point to many problems that might need your attention. Here are so…

How to Restart a Samsung Galaxy S21

By restarting your Samsung Galaxy S21, you can troubleshoot issues, bring system changes into effect, and simply give your phone a fresh start. There are multiple ways to reboot your phone. Let’s dive in!…

How to Factory Reset a Samsung Android Phone

If you’re facing issues with your Samsung Android phone, or you want to sell or give it away to someone, you may want to reset your phone to the factory settings. Doing so erases all the settings and data on the phone. We’ll …

How to Turn On the Flashlight on Android

Whether you have trouble finding your home keys in dark, or you want to brighten up your path, turn on your Android phone’s camera flash and use it as a flashlight. We’ll show you three different ways to do that….
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