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How to Transfer iPhone Text Messages to Android

Switching from an iPhone to an Android phone is not as difficult as you might think. The most tedious part is transferring all your personal stuff. We’ll show you how to move your iPhone SMS messages to Android, including iMe…

How to Crop Videos on Android

We typically think of cropping as a tool for photo editing, but it can be used on videos, too. Sometimes the original aspect ratio doesn’t fit what you want. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to crop videos on Android….

Samsung’s Android Browser Is Great, Actually

There’s a stigma attached to apps from phone manufacturers. They tend to feel like unnecessary bloatware. However, Samsung Internet—the company’s blandly named browser—is an exception. It’s actually quite good, and it’s n…

Why You Should Use Samsung Health

There’s a common assumption that apps made by the phone vendor itself aren’t good. This is true much of the time—especially with Android phones—but not always. For example, Samsung Health is an excellent app for your fitn…

How to See the Samsung Privacy Dashboard

Android 12 introduced a feature called “Privacy Dashboard.” It’s your one-stop for all things privacy-related on your phone. Samsung Galaxy devices have a version of this, too. We’ll show you how to find it on your device….

How to Turn Off 5G on the Samsung Galaxy S22

Every phone company wants you to care about 5G. Samsung has slapped the “5G” term on all its Galaxy S22 series devices. Depending on your area, you may not even have 5G. Turning it off can save battery life….

What Is Samsung AR Emoji, and How Do You Use It?

Emoji are everywhere and there are plenty to choose from. Apple took them to the next level with animated (Animoji) and personalized (Memoji) emoji. Samsung’s version of this called “AR Emoji.” We’ll show you how to use them….
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