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Roku Adds 17 New Free Streaming TV Channels

Roku is rapidly becoming more than a hardware manufacturer of streaming boxes and sticks. The company has a ton of free streaming channels available, andĀ The VergeĀ is reporting that Roku has just added 17 new ones that’ll p…

How to Pair Your Roku Remote

A Roku simple remote doesn’t have a voice search button. With this type of remote, the first thing to do is check that it is, indeed, unpaired from your streaming box.

How to Disconnect Your Roku TV From Wi-Fi

Once you’ve connected it to Wi-Fi, your Roku TV will automatically remember your Wi-Fi details and connect in the future. If you want to disconnect it from your wireless network, you can have it forget your Wi-Fi details….

How to Reset Your Roku’s Network Connection

If you have a Roku TV or streaming stick, you can sometimes run into internet connection issues. The error can be the connection or the internet itself, so checking the link first is a must. Here’s how to reset your smart TV’…

How to Use Google Assistant With Your Roku

As more of our devices connect to each other, itā€™s always nice to know that different products from different companies work together. A Chromecast isnā€™t expensive, but being able to use your TV directly with Google Assis…

How to Watch Twitch on Roku

Twitch is the premier platform for watching esports tournaments, industry events, and gaming personalities. Amazon pulled the official app from Roku Channel StoreĀ in 2017, but you can still use the Unofficial Twitch or TTV S…

How To Rename AV Inputs On Roku TVs

Roku’s software is a popular standard for “smart” HDTVs, especially among budget manufacturers. If you want your homescreen to be more organized, you can apply custom names and icons to your input device. Here’s how….

How to Stop Your Roku From Talking in Menus

Roku players and TCL Roku TVs have an “Audio Guide” feature. If you press the * button on your remote four times quickly, the narrator speaks menu option names out loud. Here’s how to turn it on and off….

How to Watch Local Video Files on Your Roku

The Roku is a streaming box…and not much else. There’s no hard drive space onboard for your personal videos, and most models don’t even have a USB port for external drives.Ā But that doesn’t mean you can’t play your own vid…

How to Disable Custom Ads and Tracking on Your Roku

In 2017, TV watches you. At least, it does if you’re using a Roku device: that platform monitors everything you do on their devices. Data is shared with Neilson to supplement ratings, mostly it’s used for advertising purposes…
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