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5 Great Programming Languages for Kids

If you’re a teacher or you have a kid interested in programming, it can be confusing to sort out the dozens of options available. We’ve picked five great programming languages (and environments) that will give kids a head sta…

What Is JSON and How Do You Use It?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a standardized format for representing structured data. Although JSON grew out of the JavaScript programming language, it’s now an ubiquitous method of data exchange between systems. Most …

How to Upgrade to React 18

React 18 evolves the popular JavaScript component framework with new features built around concurrent rendering and suspense. It promises better performance, more capabilities, and an improved developer experience for apps t…

How Will Parameter Null Checks Work In C# 11?

An early preview of select features to be included in this year’s C# 11 release is now available as part of Visual Studio 2022 Update 1. The most contentious addition is integrated parameter null-checking support. This uses c…

What’s Coming In React 18?

React 18 will be the next major version of the popular JavaScript component library. Now available as a release candidate, it introduces several changes to improve data fetches, performance and server-side rendering….

What’s New In Deno 1.19?

Deno 1.19 was released in February 2022 as the latest incremental update for the secure-by-design JavaScript runtime. Among the changes are a streamlined permissions management experience, first-class support for vendored dep…

What’s New In TypeScript 4.6?

TypeScript 4.6 is this year’s first feature release for the statically typed JavaScript superset. It adds several improvements around constructors, compilation, and code analysis. There are also a couple of breaking changes t…

How to Use ECMAScript Modules With Node.js

A standardized way to package code as reusable modules was missing from ECMAScript for most of its history. In the absence of an integrated solution, the CommonJS (CJS) approach became the de facto standard for Node.js develo…

How to Setup VS Code to Be Portable

In an increasingly agile world of programming and DevOps, not only do the applications and tools you code need to be modular, you may find yourself and the programs needing to be modular as well.

What Are UUIDs and Why Are They Useful?

A Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) is a specific form of identifier which can be safely deemed unique for most practical purposes. Two correctly generated UUIDs have a virtually negligible chance of being identical, even …

How to Debug Your Application’s Performance

Application performance can be a critical issue for many businesses. After all, server hosting costs directly affect your bottom line, so using a performance profiling tool to debug the code you run can end up saving you mone…

What’s New In Kotlin 1.6?

Kotlin 1.6 is out with new features, an improved experimental memory manager, and an enhanced standard library. The additions help mature JetBrains’ increasingly popular cross-platform and cross-discipline language….
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