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How to Outline Text in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop makes it extremely easy to add a border around your text in an image. You can outline your text with the choice of color, position, and size. Here’s how to do just that on your desktop….

What Is Frequency Separation in Photography?

Frequency separation is a Photoshop technique that allows for more control over photographic retouching work. It’s predominantly used to touch up skin, but can also be used on other elements of an image….

What Is Lens Focus Breathing?

If you regularly browse photography gear reviews, you’ve probably heard the phrase “focus breathing.” But what exactly does that mean? Is it good or bad? Does it not matter at all? We’ll explain just what focus breathing is, …

Why You Should Use Lens Filters With Your Drone

If you’ve ever seen someone else’s footage captured with the same drone you own and wondered “how does it look so good?”, there’s a good chance it was made with a drone camera filter attached. Here’s why you should use them t…

What Is Camera ISO, and Why Does it Matter?

Wondering what the ISO setting is for on your camera or smartphone camera app? Let’s break down what exactly ISO is and why it’s important to understand if you want to take more control of your photography….

The Best DSLR Cameras of 2022

While mirrorless cameras have advanced plenty since their introduction and dominate the market, there are still plenty of amazing DSLR cameras you shouldn’t overlook. We’ll go over some of the best options here….

What Is a CFexpress Card?

If you’ve shopped for a new camera in the past couple of years, you’ve noticed how rapidly memory card formats are changing. XQD cards were released not too long ago, and now there’s a new type of card available that promises…

What Is Pixel Binning in Cameras?

Smartphone cameras with super-high megapixel counts make for good marketing, but hardly anyone actually takes 200-megapixel photos. So how do you get usable pictures from them? Through pixel binning, the process of combining …

What Is Macro Mode on an iPhone or Android Phone?

Most people take photographs at human scale or larger. Pets, people, landscapes, and food are all common subjects. With “macro mode,” you can take clear pictures of small details and objects, with certain iPhone or Android ha…

How to Use Lightroom’s Masking Tool

Adobe Lightroom’s masking tool used to be limited to certain adjustments, but the 2021 update changed that. Lightroom Classic now provides you with numerous AI masking features that make editing a whole lot easier and can cut…

How to Combine Masks in Adobe Lightroom Classic

You can get the most out of Adobe Lightroom Classic by combining different masking modes for highly selective adjustment areas before you even bring your work into Photoshop. We’ll go over how to combine (or intersect) masks …

How to Deselect in Adobe Photoshop

Deselecting areas in photos and layers in Adobe Photoshop is actually easier than selecting them. We’ll show you how to deselect items using multiple ways in this photo editing tool.

How to Flip an Image in Adobe Photoshop

Whether you’re looking to fix your mirror selfies or you just want a flipped version of an image, Adobe Photoshop makes it easy to flip images, both horizontally and vertically. We’ll show you how to do it….

How to Use a Light Meter App to Shoot Film

Learning to use a 35mm film camera can be intimidating. There’s no screen to check, so you need some way to gauge exposure without burning through frames the way you would with a digital SLR. A light meter app can save the da…
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