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Are Gaming Mouse Pads Worth It?

Gaming mouse pads are the highest quality options on the market that can drastically improve your gaming experience or general use on the computer. Let’s find out what they offer and whether they’re worth it….

Why Gamers Should Upgrade From a 60Hz Monitor

Playing video games on a 60Hz puts you at a huge disadvantage as a gamer, both competitively and aesthetically. Here’s why you should upgrade to at least a 120Hz monitor to significantly improve your gaming and overall experi…

How Heavy Should Your Gaming Mouse Be?

The weight of your gaming mouse could affect your accuracy and how fast you turn in a game. Let’s talk about how and when it influences your gameplay and what to do if your mouse is too heavy or light….

How to Find Your Steam Screenshot Folder

Whether you just took screenshots of a hilarious glitch or an epic gaming achievement, you’ll need to know where they’re saved to share them. Here’s how to find where Steam is hiding your screenshots.

What to Do When Your PC Game Lags

There’s nothing more frustrating than launching your favorite game only to have a laggy experience. Especially in fast-paced genres, lag can make the game unplayable. To avoid that, let’s look at a few fixes you can try….

How to Change Your Steam Username

Names can say a lot about who you are. Maybe you primarily play first-person shooters, but you also moonlight as a roleplayer and want a different name for that. Maybe you just don’t like your current Steam name. Either way, …

How to Appear Offline on Steam

You’ve had a long day, and you just want to play a game by yourself to relax. Your friends have other plans, however — they see you’re online, and they want to chat! Fortunately, Steam makes it possible to hide your status….

Tips to Improve Your Movement in PC FPS Games

To improve your movement in a first-person shooter, you must understand that movement is getting from one point to another with good decision-making. Good decisions make you a harder target and leave your opponents confused a…

The Best Tricks for Aiming in PC FPS Games

To aim better in a PC first-person shooter, avoid changing your mouse sensitivity and in-game crosshair often. Stick to one set of settings and master them. Focus aiming at weak points such as the head, and pay attention to y…

Epic Is Worried About Fortnite Cheaters on Linux

Epic Games makes Fortnite, which is one of the biggest video game phenomenons in recent history. Because the game is so popular, fans wondered whether it would make its way to Valve’s Steam Deck, but it appears Epic is too wo…

The Best PC Gaming Controllers of 2022

PC gaming isn’t just about using a mouse and keyboard: It’s about choice. Some games are just better with a controller in your hands, especially with so many console games launching on PC. But not all controllers are equal….

3 Critical Stats Every PC Gamer Should Monitor

Building a desktop gaming PC is a fantastic pastime, but games demand a lot from your PC. For that reason there are three critical statistics you should keep an eye on including component temperatures, frame rates, and disk h…
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