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The Best Halloween Movies on Netflix in 2021

Halloween is a time for horror, but not every perfect Halloween movie needs to be scary. From truly terrifying tales to more gentle spooky stories, here are the best Halloween movies to watch on Netflix….

How to Use a VPN for Netflix

There are plenty of reasons why you should use a VPN: they’re an important part of protecting yourself online and can help you get past censorship blocks in countries like China. However, one of the biggest reasons why regula…

The 10 Best Family Movies on Netflix

Nothing says family togetherness like a night spent watching Netflix. For parents, kids, and everyone in between, here are 10 of the best family movies you can stream on Netflix right now.

The 10 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

If you’re looking for something to watch while cuddled up on the couch with your sweetheart, Netflix has you covered. From comedies to dramas, classics to originals, here are 10 of the best romantic movies to stream on Netfli…

The 10 Best Documentaries on Netflix

Documentaries are one of the hottest genres on Netflix, so it can be tough to wade through the sheer number of options to find something to watch. Here are 10 of the best documentaries to stream on Netflix right now….

How to Watch Netflix on a Google Nest Hub

You probably have a Nest Hub because you wanted an Assistant smart speaker with a display. So why not use that display to its full potential? We’ll show you how to watch Netflix on your Google Assistant smart display….

The 10 Best Thriller Movies on Netflix

The best thrillers on Netflix include plenty of original movies, along with award-winning favorites and some hidden gems. Here are 10 of the greatest thriller movies available to stream on Netflix.

The 10 Best TV Shows on Netflix

With so much great content available, finding the best shows on Netflix can be a daunting prospect. Here are 10 great TV shows, including Netflix originals and acquired series, that are worth your time and attention to stream…

The 10 Best Movies on Netflix

Netflix is packed with so many movies, from studio releases to the service’s original productions, that it can be daunting to figure out what to watch. Get started with 10 of the best movies you can stream on Netflix….

The 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix

The sci-fi selection on Netflix includes quite a few original movies, along with beloved classics and some hidden gems. Here are 10 of the best sci-fi movies to stream on Netflix.

The 10 Best Action Movies on Netflix

From blockbusters to low-budget productions, from Hollywood movies to foreign films, Netflix has something for every kind of action junkie. Here are the 10 best action movies you can stream on Netflix….

The 10 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

From raunchy to witty, from clever to silly, comedy movies on Netflix offer something for every taste. Here are the 10 best comedy movies available to stream on Netflix.

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

From beloved classics to Netflix originals, from haunted houses to evil creatures, Netflix has something for every kind of horror fan. Here’s a look at the 10 best horror movies streaming on Netflix.

How to Kick People Off Your Netflix Account

Netflix is easy to share. Maybe your ex still has your password, or perhaps you signed into Netflix on a TV at an Airbnb and everyone who stays there now streams on your account. Here’s how to stop people from using your Netf…

The 10 Best Netflix Original Movies for Kids

Movies are a great way to spend time with the entire family. With so many Netflix Original kids movies to choose from, you could easily spend your entire night scrolling through the streaming service. Here are the 10 best Net…

The 10 Best Netflix Original Stand-Up Comedies

If you want to spend some of your night laughing until you cry, these stand-up comedians will surely do that. There’s a comedian on Netflix for everyone’s taste. These are the 10 best original stand-up comedies you can stream…
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