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Firefox Is Getting Ads in Your Search Bar

In a move that’s sure to make no one happy, Firefox is getting sponsored address bar suggestions. This is sure to upset many Firefox users, and it’ll be interesting to see what the move does to Mozilla’s market share in the …

How to Block a Website in Mozilla Firefox

The internet is full of unwanted content, so you might want to restrict access to certain sites. While there’s no built-in feature in Mozilla Firefox for blocking websites, there are extensions that will get the job done….

How to Update Mozilla Firefox

Keeping your browser updated is essential for internet security. Mozilla regularly updates Firefox to cover any emerging threats. Updates are free, so here’s how you can install them and stay safe.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Firefox

Firefox has respected Windows 10’s dark mode setting for a while now. But you can manually enable dark mode in Firefox, on any operating system, and without installing any third-party themes. This works on Windows 7, Windows …

How to Clear Your History in Any Browser

All web browsers remember a list of the web pages you’ve visited. You can delete this list at any time, clearing your browsing history and erasing the tracks stored on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Each browser has it…
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