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What Does Shift+Enter Do in Word?

When you press Enter in Microsoft Word, by default, your cursor will jump ahead two lines. But why does it do this, and is there any way to make it only move ahead one line instead? We’ll show you the answers….

How to Make Name Tags in Microsoft Word

If you’re holding an event where you want participants to wear name tags, you can make them easily in Microsoft Word. We’ll show you two ways to create name tags using Word’s label feature and a free template….

How to Circle Text in Microsoft Word

There are many ways to make text stand out in your document. You can format the font in bold or italic or highlight the text using color. For another option, we’ll show you how to circle text in Microsoft Word….

5 Ways to Underline in Microsoft Word

Underlining seems like a simple enough task in Microsoft Word, but many times there’s more involved. You can underline words, spaces, words with spaces, and words without spaces. We’ll show you several ways to use underline i…

How to Cross-Reference in Microsoft Word

To assist your readers in quickly moving to pertinent information in your document, you can use the Cross-Reference feature in Microsoft Word. This allows your audience to simply click and navigate to related information in t…

How to Update Microsoft Word on Windows and Mac

If you use a recent version of Microsoft Word included as part of a Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) subscription or as a standalone app purchased from the Mac App Store or Microsoft Store on Windows, it’s easy t…

How to Double Space In Microsoft Word

If you need to add some line spacing to your Word document or write an APA style piece, double spacing is a useful feature. You can quickly double space your documents with just a few clicks or a keyboard shortcut….

How to Make Columns in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word allows you to add one, two, or three columns to your documents. It offers various types of columns as well as custom column breaks you can make. We’ll show you how to do that.
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