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How to Archive Outlook Emails

Archiving emails helps you remove the non-important messages from your inbox. You can archive single as well as multiple emails in Microsoft Outlook’s desktop, web, and mobile versions. We’ll show you how to do that….

How to Password Protect a Word Document

To protect the contents of your Microsoft Word documents, add password protection to them. Doing so prompts the user to enter the password each time the document is opened. We’ll show you how to do that using a built-in Word …

How to Type the X-Bar Symbol in Word

Typing the x̅ symbol in Microsoft Word documents is not as straightforward as typing other symbols. However, you have a couple of not-so-difficult ways to insert this symbol into your document. We’ll show you what those ways…

How to Rearrange Pages in Microsoft Word

Think a page belongs somewhere else in your document? If so, Microsoft Word offers a couple of ways to change the location of your pages. You can rearrange your pages using either the Navigation Pane or cut and paste. We’ll s…
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