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How to Remove Spaces in Microsoft Excel

Copying text into¬†Microsoft Excel often results in annoying leftover whitespace, and it’s tedious work to manually remove trailing, leading, and any other extra spaces from the cells in your spreadsheets. Luckily, Excel has …

How to Count Cells in Microsoft Excel

Excel provides various methods for counting cells including using the Find feature or a filter. But with functions, you can count exactly what you need. From filled cells to blanks, from numbers to text, here’s how to count c…

How to Move Cells in Microsoft Excel

Need to rearrange data in your spreadsheet? You can move cells in Microsoft Excel to different spots in the same sheet or to another spreadsheet or workbook. Use one of these methods to take your cell contents wherever you li…

How to Overlay Images in Microsoft Word

Working with images in Microsoft Word isn’t necessarily difficult, but there are some tricks to positioning your pictures. If you have two or more images that you want to overlap with each other, we’ll show you how….

How to Alphabetize Data in Microsoft Excel

Keeping your data organized in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets is important. One way of doing that is by¬†alphabetizing your data, in either ascending or descending order. We’ll show you how to do this in both rows and colu…

How to Calculate Age in Microsoft Excel

To find someone or something’s age in Microsoft Excel, you can use a function that displays the age in years, months, and even days. We’ll show you how to use this function in your Excel spreadsheet.
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