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How to Use SUMIF in Microsoft Excel

Adding numbers together in Microsoft Excel is a basic calculation that can use the SUM function. What if you want to add those values but only if they meet certain conditions? This is when the SUMIF function comes in….

5 Ways to Underline in Microsoft Word

Underlining seems like a simple enough task in Microsoft Word, but many times there’s more involved. You can underline words, spaces, words with spaces, and words without spaces. We’ll show you several ways to use underline i…

How to Multiply Numbers in Microsoft Excel

You can perform basic mathematical operations in Excel, including multiplication. You can multiply numbers in a single cell, from several different cells, or even an entire column. There’s no MULTIPLY function in Excel, so w…

How to Divide Numbers in Microsoft Excel

Excel makes it easy to perform basic math operations, which includes division. You can divide numbers in a single cell, from multiple cells, or even entire columns. Since there’s no DIVIDE function in Excel, you’ll need to us…

How to Edit a PDF

It’s easy to make a PDF file but editing one requires special tools. If you’re looking to add or remove text, insert images, or make any other changes to your PDF files, here are your editing options.

How to AutoFit in Microsoft Excel

Using Microsoft Excel’s AutoFit feature, you can ensure that your content in your cells is always fully visible (without being cut off). Here’s how to use this option for specific rows and columns, and for your entire workshe…

How to Delete a Chat in Microsoft Teams

If you’re participating in a group or one-on-one chat in Microsoft Teams that you no longer want to be a part of, you can delete it. There are some limitations to deleting Teams chats, though, as we’ll outline below….

How to Create Slicers in Microsoft Excel

Using slicers, you can filter data and always see what’s being filtered in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You can add a slicer for each field you want to filter, and we’ll show you how to do that.
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