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How to Clear Formatting in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel offers plenty of styling options to customize your spreadsheet’s appearance. If you ever need to remove your formatting, however, it’s easy to do so for both select cells and your entire worksheet. We’ll show …

How to Insert a Line in Microsoft Word

With a line in your documents, you can visually separate your text or create a signature line. Microsoft Word offers various line types you can add to your documents, and we’ll show you how to do that….

How to Remove Hyperlinks in Microsoft Excel

Want to remove those clickable links from your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets? If so, it’s easy to remove those links or prevent Excel entirely from turning your typed text into web links. We’ll show you how to do both….

How to Split Cells in Microsoft Excel

Do you have multiple values in a single cell that you want to separate into multiple cells? If so, Microsoft Excel has two easy-to-use options to help you split your cells. We’ll show you how to use them….

How to Add Numbers in Microsoft Excel

If you need to¬†get the sum of two or more numbers in your spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel has multiple options for addition. We’ll show you the available ways to add in Excel, including doing it without a formula….

How to Make a Graph in Microsoft Excel

Graphs and charts are useful visuals for displaying data. They allow you or your audience to see things like a summary, patterns, or trends at glance. Here’s how to make a chart, commonly referred to as a graph, in Microsoft …

How to Make a Pie Chart in Microsoft Excel

Using pie charts allows you to illustrate the distribution of data in the form of slices. It’s easy to make 2D, 3D, or doughnut-style pie charts in Microsoft Excel—no design knowledge necessary! Here’s how to do it….

Microsoft Office’s New Look Is Here

Microsoft started testing a new user interface for Office a few months ago. The new look and feel better aligns with Windows 11 and now it’s making its way to all¬†Office 365 and Office 2021 users.
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